Adventures of baking Apple Pie

Here’s the recipe for the fun filled baking of an Apple Pie.

Getting started, you’ll need:

  • 3 friends combining forces (in this case – 1 Trang, 1 FeryDaBoss and 1 Estrella
  • Estrella’s kitchen)
  • an American Apple Pie recipe
  • the lack of proper conversion skills
  • and the lack of internet connection so you won’t even be able to find the needed conversions there

Guaranteed you’ll end up with:

  • 1 Apple Pie
  • an amazing amount of extra dough from the crust ->
  • made-up desserts involving sugar, apples and Finetti, to use up all your left over dough
  • tons of fun filled adventurous baking experience

page apple pie

page baked apple pie 

In conclusion, this was our adventure’s highlights on one of the best afternoons spent with Trang.

We’ve mixed the ingredients of the pie with the filling, friendship, work, baking, laughter, fun – and had an amazing time. And for the pie… it was the best and most delicious we ever tasted (and the made-up desserts were very good too)! Thank you so much!!!


24 Comments to “Adventures of baking Apple Pie”

  1. Seems like great fun!

  2. I just found a great apple pie recipe I’ll be making over the holidays. Your photos are very yummy!

  3. I love the recipes from Rachael Ray! And your adventure was very funny, loved it.

  4. the photos are just yummy, now I’m craving apple pie :P

  5. Good work, hope to hear more from you. That pie looks deliciousssssss!!!!

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