When will it all be right?

Don’t know why I’m so afraid… Of something unknown, maybe imagined, that’s lurching from a dark corner even on the brightest of days.
Days with smiles and laughter, with sunscreen before leaving and after sun lotion applied after getting home, work, long walks, lots of photos, cooking and baking, playing with pets, etc.

I’m so afraid of a 0.01% of doubt of which I can’t really get away, no matter how rational and objective I may be, and even though I’m told and assured that I have nothing to worry about, that everything is going to be okay in the end.
I know and have no idea, I believe and distrust, I’m happy and upset, enthusiastic and disinterested all rushing in one after the other all the time.

But why does it have to turn out great in the end? Why can’t it be great even during the journey to that? And after all… who has to give in/give up what and how often for everything to be, not perfect because perfection is different for each person, but right for everyone?

PS: don’t mind me today… I’m just in a lethargic mood right now. I should be back to my normal self in a few days.

14 Comments to “When will it all be right?”

  1. everyone has this fear in him, hidden or shown, masked or out to show all, that (more or less) 0,01%. in the end it will all turn out great, if you take the path you’re on or change it. in the end you’ll reach happiness. if you fill up that 0.01% than it will be 0.009 % fear and so on…

  2. Oh hun, hope you feel better soon! Miss your cheerful posts, this one really reflected your lethargic mood… *Kisses*

  3. I feel like that all the time too, do give us some tips if you find out how to avoid it :)

  4. I’m sorry you’re feeling low, take some time to relax and possibly do poke someone’s eyes out :P as I understood from your tweets (by the way, sooo funny!) Have strength Estrella, hugs!

  5. Thanks Minnie, Natalie and Fran, you’re very sweet! It means a lot :) Hugs!

    PS: it didn’t work out Fran, but I’m working on it :P

  6. I feel like this too. Like I’m rushing ahead and holding back at the same time. Very confusing. And tiring. Wish I had an answer. At least, you’re not along. Physically or virtually.

    • Thank you Judy, it means a lot even if you don’t have an answer! I do feel better by knowing I’m not all crazy for feeling this way ;) And you’re right, it’s so tiring…

  7. Heya, hope you’re feeling better, and just take it easy :)

    • Thanks for asking, I’m better now as a few days have passed and especially after this weekend I spent with the sweetest friends ( didn’t even have time to get in a sad mood) ;)

  8. Just hang in there it will get better with time, as they say “Time heals everything” :)

  9. Feel like that many times, though I don’t want to. Try distracting yourself with outings, take up some sport, etc. and don’t give anyone the satisfaction of seeing you sad :)

  10. I faced alot of difficulties too but your article determination definitely will relieve me in the future. It will get easier soon I hope!

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