Orchids and love

When feeling down, the little things/gestures matter most. Like a hug, kisses, a flower coming from someone who loves you to try help you forget, even for a second, all your troubles. It works and it’s the most appreciated kind of help :)

Thank you Sweetheart for the beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid! I love you!

page phalaenopsis

Anyone else interested can find some good tips about caring for a Phalaenopsis Orchid on OrchidWeb.com (and lots of other types of Orchid care tips too).


8 Comments to “Orchids and love”

  1. So little can do so much!

  2. absolutely beautiful :) i love how flowers can so simply and profoundly say “i love you”

  3. Hi Estrella,
    Every nine weeks I buy myself a new orchid.

    They are just so stunning. Like little pieces of sculpture.

    I love having one in my living room to greet me when I come home. It makes me happy.

    Your photos are beautiful. And it was sweet of your hubby to buy you something just to make you smile.

    Sorry your batteries were dead and you couldn’t photograph your pretty Sunday, but glad you had one!


    • You’re sweet Karen, thank you! I am lucky to have such a nice Sweetheart, I know :) I never had an Orchid at home before, only sold the ones in the shop. So this one’s the one I really love because it’s from my Sweetheart and it’s mine ;)

      I love how you think of Orchids! You should post photos of your Orchids and maybe even write a post of how you love them, I’d love to see them. (or upload them and contact me on Facebook)

      Hugs and kisses!

      PS: why do you buy one every 9 weeks? Don’t they last longer? They should…

  4. Your sweety is really a sweety :P you’re a lucky girl! AND I loooooooooooove your photo of the plant, very beautiful orchid!!!

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