Times change

On the streets around lunch time, walking around downtown, running errands. It was crowded, but not so much as to not be able to notice people around. I like to people watch when walking and not only, it helps time fly by faster, like a trick that helps me get wherever I’m going in less amount of time.

By chance or not, there were many teenagers around me, passed me by, mostly young girls. Interestingly enough, but actually not surprisingly, they were all wearing tons of make-up, had more rings on their fingers that there’s room for, wearing many earrings all through their ears, lip/eyebrow/(probably also tongue) piercings and with brightly (many many varieties to just simply black) colored hair. With tight and short clothes, whereas even a not necessarily careful look in the mirror would clearly state against that kind of outfits on their weighty silhouettes. Most all girls tend to fit to this portrait…

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not closed minded, nor stating that I’m a beauty queen. I like wearing tight clothes, but I’d never leave the house like those girls do if I didn’t look good in whatever I’m wearing, I have highlights, but I’d never color my hair to look like a parrot and I wouldn’t put so much make-up on that my face would fall off after 5 steps or be mistaken with a clown.

Not that I’m so much older now, not many years have passed since I was a teenager myself, but when I was their age it was different. It’s a sad reality and such examples are somewhat depressing to see, because the question is there: what will girls look like in another few years? How quickly and drastically times change…


8 Comments to “Times change”

  1. Oh and how many girls like that there are all over the world… I often wonder if they own a mirror when I walk past them :P

  2. Hey! You’re right, it’s so different from a few years ago. Wonder how anyone could make them realize how they’re not being popular by that only the subject of many jokes (probably among guys especially)?

  3. Loved your tweet about fashion and how you’d like to do the opposite in 90% of the time. I can only say, I’m the same. If I don’t like it, won’t wear it (let that be make-up, clothes, etc.).
    Sad what today’s fashion has developed into.

  4. really now…how can someone dress like they do today? OMG…. and the sad thing is that they know what they are doing…. and don’t wanna change…. like men on the streets… normal men dress like gay people, with those tight white pants and tight t-shirts… come on people GET A LIFE!!

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