I wish for…

  1. bearable weather, it’s way too hot, then it’s raining, then it’s hot again… and I hate it, plus it affects my neck.
  2. health – in every way possible and not only for myself!
  3. the amount of peace, understanding, relaxation and anything else I need to be truly happy.
  4. a romantic getaway as soon as possible! – A few relaxing days alone with my Sweetheart in a nice place. Surrounded by mountains, woods, rivers, springs, lakes… any or more of these.
  5. time and the means to do everything I’d like to…

There are too many thing I wish for and it would be too much to type them all here, so this small list reflects my very first thoughts today.

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7 Comments to “I wish for…”

  1. I’m sure most people want these things but most of it is out of their hands… I hope your wishes will be granted!

  2. Too bad we can’t control the weather, the time we have, etc. But I like your spur of the moment list :)

  3. Thanks Tia and Fran, you’re both right! I hope some day I’ll have 80% of these but we’ll see :)

  4. a romantic getaway sounds terrific. not sure where you want to go, but travelzoo.com has some good deals.

    • Well we thought about a place I know and it would’ve been lovely to go, but… there’s always a but…
      it’s not available in the time frame we can go, and it’s the only place we can afford right now. So I can kiss it goodbye for now… I’m very disappointed, I hope we’ll manage to go next year, although we have house remodeling plans for next year, so I’m not getting my hopes up like this time.

  5. yes i would like these things too and hopefully soon they’ll be possible… not changing the weather :P but the rest of them, the ones we can change :)

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