Poetry Monday – Undiscovered




and body



sparkling shallow

flowing trickle

many times


dazzled blinking

gazing on


sacred space

only yesterday

to giggly glimpse


drying face

Undiscovered by Karen Schindler


8 Comments to “Poetry Monday – Undiscovered”

  1. Hi Estrella!
    Thanks for sharing my poem with your circle.
    I’m glad that it works even without the photograph.
    This way you can use your imagination to make the poem mean anything.
    And isn’t that the whole definition of creative writing?
    (at least that’s what our English teachers always told us)

    It was so sweet of you to put undiscovered up for poetry Monday.

    Karen :0)

    • Hey Karen!
      You’re very welcome, I like having over the person who actually wrote the poem :)
      I did think of posting the photo too, but decided against it for exactly that reason you said, more of a free interpretation this way :)

      I have a feeling this isn’t the last Poetry Monday you’ll be published here for.

      Kisses and hugs!

  2. Very nice poem! Love it!

  3. How beautiful, I also love the free interpretation :)

  4. Nice one, just like every Poetry Monday you have Estrella.
    Well done Karen Schindler, amazing poem!

  5. hmm… interesting :) like the modern poets :D

  6. Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Nice one! I adore poetry.

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