Women vs Men

What do men have and women don’t? Why are they considered stronger? Why are women the beautiful ones?

It’s clear that we’ll never be the same, women and men. For the very simple reason that we’re different.
Women do some things better, men think they do everything better.
Women know that without us the world would stop existing, men imagine that it couldn’t go on without them.

Read an article about this in a magazine and couldn’t help but combine the facts with my witty comments ;) Enjoy!

  • Women know how to multitask:

The brain’s left and right hemisphere’s are tied together by a series of nerves that form something like a coaxial cable (I’m sure you can tell I’m not a doctor). This makes one part of the brain communicate very well with the other part, making the information exchange easy.
Well, with women, this nerve series is thicker than in men, having more than 30% more ties between hemispheres. That’s why women talk more fluently, find whatever you ask in a second and can manage multitasking with things of no apparent relation to one another.
Here’s where women’s intuition comes from too ;)

That’s the explanation why if you ask the most simplest question from a man reading his newspaper for example, he most likely won’t be able to concentrate on answering you until he finishes reading the news, folds the paper and you repeat the question for the 3rd time.
Or if you ask him to get you a jar of gem from the pantry even when he’s not doing anything, things get complicated: no matter how well-organized the pantry is, he won’t be able to find the jar unless you give him specific information like “The 2nd shelf from the top, 6th jar from the right”. The part of the brain that is responsible for the counting works relatively okay.

  • Men have analytical thinking:

Men are more attentive to general aspects of the problem, circumstances, how they can solve something according to the context.
Women on the other hand are more attentive to details that they can quickly build up to a good solution, not the “historic” context.

Men are eaten up by the financial crisis for example, where and why it started, while women are more concerned of the influence of the Euro’s rising on the money spent on food, clothes, etc.

  • Women are more emotional:

Seems like the part of the cortex responsible of emotions is bigger in women than men. This is why women cry more easily, are more impressed by other people’s joy or suffering, have more compassion.

So what if your hubby looks at you like you’re a nutcase for crying at the end of a movie? It’s scientifically proven it’s not your fault, but of the extra “bit” of cortex.

  • Men feel less pain:

It may be somewhat of a paradox that men feel less pain. But it’s true, during their lifetime men are subjected to less physical pain and their cerebral mechanisms make them feel lesser pain.

Okay, that being said I’m just wondering: why do men complain of a lousy headache as if they’re having triplets? …

  • Women hear better:

Women’s brains are programmed so they hear every breath of their child, even translate everything the baby is trying to transmit.
Men on the other hand have the ability to distinguish with higher accuracy where the sound is coming from and if it’s a threat to them or not.

This is why men don’t react to the baby crying in the middle of the night or the annoying noise the door makes because it needs oiling.
They know where the sound comes from, but it doesn’t bother them.

  • Men are more aggressive:

In women the nurturing instinct is the dominant one, in men the conqueror instinct, the battle provoking one.

Women give life so men have to do something too, men assure the necessary environment for that life to grow. We can give them the credit for it, that needs some initiative too, right?

  • Women’s brains age later:

Women’s brains age later and have more grey matter even if it’s of smaller proportions then in men, because nature prepared it better for survival.

Guess this is where middle aged men’s midlife crisis come from,  they imagine a younger women has a “rested” brain, like theirs.

  • Men are more inclined towards sex:

Testosterone is responsible for the inclination to have sex at any time, being released in higher quantities in men than women.

And this wouldn’t be a problem if they’d be inclined to have sex only with their girlfriends, wives. But testosterone doesn’t keep count of love declarations and wedding wows so most men should learn to think with their brains instead the family jewels…

  • Women smile more often:

Women smile more often than men because of the higher emotivity  and maternal instinct. A smile often replaces words, tears and even reproaches.

It’s also very good for your health and skin!!!

Later update: You can also find my post about “Women vs. Men”right here on Pillowchats.com


9 Responses to “Women vs Men”

  1. very interesting facts :) thanks for sharing with us :*

  2. Very good points! You’re hilarious :)

  3. My kind of post, Estrella! It made me smile (which apparently I do more than men anyway), and laugh aloud (wacky testosterone!). I think I’ll include one of your facts in my next 10 things list, and send more people over here to read you GREAT post! Hugs!

    • I seem to make you laugh aloud all through the week :P I love it! I’m very happy you had fun here, and you can use any fact you’d like, I read them in a magazine, so it must be true :P

      Hugs and kisses!

  4. Women ARE the best :P I love this post, probably the best out of these sort of posts I’ve read in the last few weeks.

  5. For a fresh take see my blog. Love yours.


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