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2009, September 29

Small annoyances

Small annoyances don’t matter so much until they pile up in one day. Then they’re just frustrating!
And since they say it’s better not to bottle things up, thought I’d list here some of the things I encountered yesterday.

Things like:
– a busy super market
(schools and universities started so we can wave “bye bye” to a normal shopping experience until the middle of next summer)
– poor service (like you only see in Romania)
– looooooooooooooong lines (even better when people keep cutting in line, that’s just fabulous)
– people walking v e r y   s l o w l y right in front of you
(give them extra credit if you can’t even go around them because of another individual who decided to flat out stop and is unwilling to move even his cart)
– bugs attracted to your shirt
(they’re attacking you the instant you set your foot out the door)
– family members (they have the special talent to annoy you at any given time since they do know you best)
– disrespectful roommates
(the kind every little kid dreams of one day having… yup, my dreams came true)
– secondhand smoke (so your room constantly smells like an ashtray even if the smoking is going on in a different room)
– no hot water by the time you’re ready to jump into the shower after (the cherry on top)
– a hot day (no comment here) 

Alright this was it, I think.

Unless I forgot to mention creepy dogs running right at you in the middle of your midnight stroll, barking and changing direction in the last second, passing you.

Or cars wanting to park on you. Let’s face it, that’s what rear-view mirrors are actually for!

Okay, that’s enough for now ;)

I’m wondering, would you share some of your small annoyances?

2009, September 27

Saying “I love you” differently

A simple gesture, a caring look, a smile… they can all say how much you love them and how your relationship is real. You don’t always need to only say the words to assure your partner of your feelings for them.

So here’s a post for the girls ;)

(Sure guys, you can take up on the advice too! Safe to say, no one would mind.)

  • Anticipate his needs –> Does “Give him what he wants before he asks for it” sound familiar? Try to anticipate his needs, because if you think about it, there are many things that you can do without becoming a slave. Things like if you know he likes waking up to the smell of a fresh hot cup of coffee, or eating his favorite food if he’s sad or upset, etc. He’ll surely appreciate it!
  • Make compliments –> it’s been researched, proven and “case closed”: men like to be given compliments and tapped on the shoulder when they do something right. If he took up some sport, tell him how much you like that he’s in shape. If he cleaned up (with or without previous complaints from you) tell him how helpful he is. It works like a charm!
  • Call him -> even if you don’t have the itinerary, shopping list, etc. to talk over with him. It will remind both of you of the time you were first dating and couldn’t wait to hear each other’s voice. Also a nice idea is to leave him a surprise note (in his jacket, pants pocket, on the PC monitor, etc.). A cute message like “Who’s the best boyfriend in the world?” can help start his day with a smile on his face and it works miracles for your relationship!

There are many things you can do that don’t require a magic wand, but can make your loved one really feel that his needs are important to you.

So girls, do you do these things? What other ideas do you have? Please feel free to share ;)

2009, September 25

Holding hands forever

It happened last week on a day when I was coming home with the bus and I was in quite a bad mood since it was hot in there, more people than I like to be around in a confined space, smelly and to top it off… I had to stand in one foot through the whole journey since I didn’t have anywhere else to place it except on someone else’s foot.

I thought it would be different this time, but I definitely remembered yet again why I hate public transportation and why (aside from being much more healthy) I’d rather walk, even for miles and in the cold as an alternative to this.

Okay, that’s out of my system, now back to my original thought.

I was on my way home with the mood I just described when I saw a couple holding hands.

Nothing unusual you’d say.

Except for the fact that the couple wasn’t at it’s first love’s daydreams, they weren’t teenagers or even middle aged, but an old couple, probably grandparents, surely over the age of 65. And…

Seeing them holding hands and making the most of that loving feeling we all want in and throughout our lifetime made me feel so much better!




2009, September 23

Homemade Lip Balm

My favorite experiment so far!

As you all know I’ve been experimenting with different homemade beauty products like no-poo, exfoliating body scrub, facial masks and scrub.
This time I wanted to try something slightly more challenging so I chose lip balm.

I have to admit a very bad habit of mine is biting my lips while asleep (so I have no idea how to stop).
I always had to use lip balm (especially during winter) and out of the hundreds of choices only one lip balm worked until now. It was from Oriflame, the Spa Lip Balm. I’m very picky I admit, but all the other lip balms I tried were too dry for my lips, I felt absolutely no moisture.

After I started Going Green with beauty products too, I thought: “Why not try making my own lip balm too?”
So I Google searched “homemade lip balm recipes” and to my surprise I found a lot of interesting and especially very easy recipes.

I looked at many recipes before I found a few where all the ingredients were available to me and I went supply shopping.
At first I didn’t even think about how cheap it’s going to be.
I had Olive oil and honey at home so those were off the list (I’m sure most people have them at all times also), I needed bees wax, some essential oils and Vitamin E capsules.
All these ingredients I didn’t already have cost around $ 5. The most fun part is that I can’t even figure out exactly how much lip balm I can make of them since I only need a very small amount of each.

But that’s enough blabber, here’s the recipe for homemade lip balm and see for yourself:

Homemade lip balm

Lip Balm

1 Tbls Bees Wax (chop or grate it, then measure)
2 Tbls Olive oil
2 Vitamin E capsule
1 Tsp Honey
10-12 drops Essential oil(s) (I used 6-6 drops of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils)
Butter-Vanilla essence (optional)
recycled lip balm/lip stick recipients

Place a glass jar into a pot of water and place on the stove.
When the water is hot, using wood utensils, add the ingredients in the jar and melt them together (in the order I listed them, add each new ingredient after the one before  melted).
With a plastic syringe (without needle) split up the hot lip balm into the recycled lip balm recipients, and leave them sit for 48 hours before use.

These quantities are enough for 3-4 lip balms (depends on your recipient’s sizes, I had filled 4 and a half recipients).

It comes out yellow-greenish from the bees wax, but on your lips it’s colorless. You can add your favorite colors yourself.


– Throw away your lip balm if it changes color or smell.
– Split up 12 drops to how many different essential oils you’re using.
– To add the Vitamin E, poke a hole in the capsule with a pin and squeeze out the contents. Discard the capsule.
– Always add Vitamin E, because of its antioxidant activity, it’s vital in protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals.
It also acts as a preservative for your lip balm.
-It is best not to use food coloring in your lip gloss as it contains alcohol which has a drying effect on skin.
-If you have a favorite colored dry lip stick you want to make more moisturizing or just want some color for your lip balm, you can cut a bit off of your lip stick (or just add the hole thing) and melt it with the other ingredients (as a bonus you’ll find your favorite lip stick last for up to 4-5 times more.)

I absolutely love my new lip balm! No more chapped lips, it’s all natural and much more effective than any other lip balm I ever tried.
My lips are more healthy than ever before!

This is definitely the most fun I’ve had experimenting so far!

PS: for the next experiment I’ll take it up another notch as I’ll be making moisturizing foot cream.

Stay tuned ;)

Later update: You can also find my post about “Homemade Lip Balm”right here on

2009, September 21

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #9

This pearl of wisdom I read on Karen’s blog and thought it’s definitely worth sharing to an even wider crowd ;)

I’ve giggled for quite a while after reading it :)

pearl karen

2009, September 19

Join me for a “Milkaccino”

“Milkaccino” -> as my fiancé calls it ;)

The special chocolate cappuccino coffee with a mild taste and the unique Milka chocolate flavor. Sooo good! 

                           Puzzle of my Heart ;) 


PS: I know I sound like a commercial just now, but it’s just (acknowledging that I’m repeating myself) so good!

2009, September 17

Will you be mine? by Estrella Azul

“ He felt nervous.
This has been on his mind for the last 3 weeks, if not more, and he just wanted it to be perfect, or as close to perfect as he could get.
Counting down the days his nervousness grew.

At night he was dreaming of various scenarios it would go by and all of them had some flaw he didn’t think of before and made him more worried.
More possibilities ran across his mind like if it had rained and he wasn’t ready he didn’t have anything romantic planned.
Should he take her to dinner and ask her there?
Have his friend help him and decorate the room for when they get home?
Should he do it somewhere else instead of the lake but still outdoors?
Or visit the high school where they met and do it there?

Finally Wednesday arrived, the day of their anniversary. The beauty of it was that it wasn’t a round number like 1 year, 2 years so they’d celebrate luxuriously.
She couldn’t have figured out his intentions too easily.

They made plans to take a walk by the lake and catch a movie afterwards.
His plans however were a bit different.

While prepping to go he looked at his girlfriend getting ready.

She looked beautiful!
Her long amazing hair arranged very simple reminded him of the first day he saw her, her way of applying make-up and still look sweet and natural, her semi-formal outfit were all perfect for the occasion, but he couldn’t tell her yet.

They left for the lake.
To hide the ring he told her he was bringing two phones and made sure she wouldn’t ask any questions about his pocket by making his speech very short and technical.

By the time they got to the lake he had his eye on his watch just to be sure they have enough time.
He knew he would have his work cut out for him as they went past the peer.

He asked is she wanted to go for a ride with the paddle boat.
The water was deep, she was afraid a bit, but her confidence in him made her accept.
He was now thrilled and more nervous than before.

They got into the paddle boat and paddled away, going along the edge of the lake, then when his girlfriend was comfortable with the ride he aimed the center of the lake.
There, he stopped and they enjoyed the view.
Asking her to take photos, while she turned away, he took the ring out of his pocket and waited for her to turn back.

Those few seconds passed even slower than the hole time he had spent planning the proposal.

When she turned back facing him and saw the ring:
everything made even more sense to him than before, her shock and happiness was glowing on her face, he remained speechless.

After a moment he regained his thinking and while placing the ring on her finger asked her the question they were both waiting for… for so long:

“Will you be mine?”

As she said:


He realized how truly blessed he was. His happiness couldn’t even been described as they sat there hugging and kissing.

After taking her to dinner and watching a romantic movie, on the way home they stopped again for a few moments at the lake and stared into the dark waves.

He did it: managed to turn that day into one of the most perfect and romantic ones they had.

She couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful and meaningful proposal!  

In the morning after the proposal, he got this letter from his fiancée.



I know how good we are together, I know how unbelievably lucky we are to have found each other, how we still love each other as much as we did in the beginning and every time we say "I love you!" we actually mean it, and that we worked out how to be together. I know how fortunate we are to both want the same things, and most importantly – each other. I know we both get crazy sometimes but ultimately we have the best thing going and I want to say: ‘I want to keep this’.

I believe that you and I will do all the things we want to do together. I believe that in a while from now we’ll have our own remodeled house, our own children (in time) and our own individual lives in many ways too. I believe that we will be our own family.
I don’t believe in big weddings, or rather, I don’t think that they’re an accurate reflection of what it’s all about. What I want is the promise, the rings on our fingers and the future. I’m delighted because this is the nicest feeling in the world: to love you so much that I want to do something apparently quite random, just because I can’t help thinking that surely there must be some big way to express the way I feel about you, and about us, and our intentions. Getting engaged and married is about choosing to be tied together just in order to be together even homeless, childless or otherwise.

I believe that I can promise to love you until the day I die. And I believe that, if we can work out together what it means to us, making a promise and a commitment to one another can only strengthen the incredible bond we already have.

So… since I believe all this can and will happen, all I have to say is: Yes, Sweetheart! :*:P

I love you, always had and always will!” :*:P

He felt good, happy and more in love with her as he would’ve imagined 3 years, 9 moths and 1 day ago.”


Based on a true story.

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