In Love…

For and from love have poured many rows of ink, many books and songs written, many movies made and the biggest dramas lived.

Some even died for love and others were born from love. People have talked, cried, whispered, laughed, yelled almost everything there is about love. But since people haven’t stopped loving only because others loved before them, they won’t stop talking about love only because so many thing have been said.

In love, there’s always something more to say.

12 Comments to “In Love…”

  1. Lovely thoughts! :)

  2. how long was it before you figured out that the person you are with was in love with you?

  3. That’s what I call a meaningful post: a few sentences and a lot of heart ;)

  4. There is! And thank goodness. If we couldn’t talk (write, sing, act on) love, life would be so very, very quiet. Too quiet! =)

    • You’re so right Judy! I love how you added further value to my post ;) Thank you!
      Although, sometimes in love even a look (hug, kiss, tap on the shoulder) can be enough too (sure not on blogs… that would be weird).
      Your comment makes me think of you post yesterday!

  5. Mia and Piqeaneaz, thanks you, I’m really glad you’ve liked my small post.

  6. i know it didn’t have anything to do with the post but i have been reading your blog and u seem to have a really good relationship. i thought you would be right person to ask this question to anonymously

    oh yeah i am in a relationship too

    i just really needed to ask this question to somebody

  7. thanks u sooooooo much

    i really appreciate it :-D

  8. hi! im interested in your blog
    i think that’s the ideal way to meet our half soul :)
    i start think to begin my relationship with friendship first, so i do really know the way he thinks..

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