Funny Pearls of Wisdom #8

This Funny Pearl of Wisdom dates back to when I was still a child and I went with my mother to buy the tickets for the play we were going to watch in the Theatre (also with my grandparents and a friend of theirs).

ticket buying 

The ticket seller was laughing her head off and my mother turned red…

This Pearl is the display of love and affection one wants from their mother, daughter and friend :P


6 Comments to “Funny Pearls of Wisdom #8”

  1. That’s funny! Everyone makes statements like that sometimes, I once told a customer that we have had clients more stupid than her :P No idea how we got to that…

  2. :)) haha she must have been embarrassed… but it is very funny!

  3. that’s hilarious :)) thanks for sharing and w8ing for some more ;)

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