Homemade Facial Masks and Scrub recipes

I love experimenting with new things, especially homemade things. I decided a while ago to Go Green as much as I can with beauty products too and so far I’ve switched to No-Poo shampoo and Homemade exfoliating body scrub. The third and fourth things on my list of homemade beauty products are facial masks and facial scrub which I have used before and love!

First up, here’s the facial scrub recipe, I use it all the time and it’s very good, leaving the face soft, clean and healthy.

Egg white and yellow corn flower facial scrub

Facial scrub

Mix 1 egg white + a few tablespoons of yellow corn flour (the gritty, not powder)

It works best if you first have a steam bath of your face to open up your pores and then apply the mix you made. (Homemade steam bath can be achieved by boiling water and placing your face close to the steam as it cools, and if you put a towel over your head to keep the steam around your face it’s even better. You can even add a few drops of essential oil or a tea bag, it only helps.) Apply the scrub and let it sit on your face until it dries and then rub it down from all over, this way you also get rid of most of those pesky black points you have. Wash your face with warm water (and then apply the facial mask). Use once a week.

There are an infinity of recipes you can find on the net and put together for a facial mask, but if you don’t usually wear a bucket over your head –> make sure you do your proper research about the ingredients (knowing if you’re allergic to something and trying them out on a small part of you neck is also of big help) before you start applying on your face.

The following recipe mixes are all safe to use, I didn’t personally try every single one, but I know them from my mom who is a cosmetician and her clients never complain plus they all come back :)

Egg yolk and honey facial mask

Facial masks

Mix the following into mush:
1 tablespoon of cottage cheese (basic element) + 
2 teaspoons of honey (basic element) this is okay as is, or if you want to add +
few slices of (pick favorite): banana, strawberries, peach, grapes, avocado (basically any fruit).
or (pick favorite): carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkin puree (again, many other vegetables work too). You can use combinations of these too.

Mix 1 egg yolk + 2 teaspoons of honey.

Mix 2 tablespoons yogurt + 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Boil a few pieces of apple + 2-3 tablespoons of milk (or coconut milk). Stir continuously and it turns into mush in under a few minutes. Let it cool down before you apply.

You can also add to any of them a few green tea, mint, sage, rosemary, lavender leaves; or a few drops of softened almond, tea tree, rose, avocado, coconut oils, etc.

Leave the facial mask on (either one you chose)  for about 10-15 minutes, by that time your face already absorbed as much vitamins as it needs, rinse with warm water and you’re done. Use once a week.

I just love how making my own beauty products is all natural, the recipes are easy to follow, you achieve the same professional results you’d have to pay a large amount of money for in a beauty salon, and these products have no chemicals, are not over-priced and are just amazing on the skin.

WARNING: only prepare a small amount, as much as you use up once! If you leave them sit, they’ll spoils in a few hours and gather bacteria since they don’t contain chemicals that kill them (and your skin). You wouldn’t want that near your face…

PS: next on my list is homemade lip balm, so be sure to visit again in two weeks for the next homemade beauty product post with recipes ;)

Later update: You can also find my post about “Homemade Facial masks and scrub”right here on Pillowchats.com


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