Moments when you need a change

There are moments in Life when too much of a good thing is boring.

Maybe when you’re in a routine and don’t realize it.
You have beautiful, loving people around you but don’t see them any more, you’re wanting something different, feeling the need of change without knowing what the reason for it is.

Maybe in a moment of hesitation and weakness we’d give up on what we have for something unsure. We may want something we don’t have, and when getting it realize: it really wasn’t what we imagined.
In moments when you need a change, instead of totally giving up on things, things you’d rather leave behind, if you consider all the alternatives before deciding, you’ll notice how: not much needs changing. There’s always the possibility of treasuring things more than you would’ve before.

Then there are times when change is necessary. When after thinking everything through so you won’t regret any upcoming decisions the best thing is to leave behind things that make you unhappy or hold you back and make a choice. Choose to be happy and make it happen by changing jobs, living situations, relationships, cities, countries… what ever it takes!

And… even if not always explicitly, there’s always someone there for us along the way and who helps us and shows us the way or the way back to our journey. Maybe it’s a family member, a good friend, a lover or someone you’ve never even met in person, someone you’re exchanging e-mails with and inspires you.

For a while now I’ve been on a journey of changing quite a few things and so far I couldn’t make the biggest changes I need, but I’m still going forward and that’s what matters right now!


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  1. I’m usually a “change is good” kind of person, but I like your point that sometimes wholesale change isn’t necessary. And maybe even the biggest changes happen in steps. Lovely post!

    • Thanks Judy! :)
      I started out this post with no real goal to it and it turned into this. I also love this post and I’m glad you do too!
      And you’re so right, every little step we take helps in achieving that BIG change we’re looking and working forward to.

  2. when you really need a change you have to go for it.. if not not… (or exactly the opposite :P )
    i want to change too, need some changes more than other, etc. and i sure don’t know all the consequences yet, but i will find out when the time is right :)
    nice post Estrella!

    • I know what you mean.
      That’s why i stated that you should be careful and not let go totally of some things as you might end up regretting.
      Or on the other hand might end up regretting not changing a thing as the moment of opportunity could pass.

      It’s all about thinking through our choices and recognizing the best moment to act :)

  3. great post – some serious points in there… i’m a big fan of change, but not change that takes ages to decide… i’m all into “you want to change? well change! and do it now! not tomorrow!” i guess that’s part of the excitement of life – knowing that we can change anything and everything we want, but one of the challenges is what to change and what to keep… like you said…
    thanks for a great thought piece! xx

    • Glad to make you think! :)

      (I’m also the type of person who’s into change “right now” but would’ve been better “yesterday”. Sure some things need time and money, but otherwise I’m all about ASAP.)

  4. Lovely post Estrella,
    I was sent this quote today:

    Feeling Stuck ….the Maddening symptom of Simultaneous Opportunity…and FEAR of Change….

    When patience and understanding and coping no longer work to help a situation….

    Sometimes getting right down to the last thing you can stand can drive change.

    And sometimes you have to make drastic changes to be able to hold onto your own peace of mind, your own humanity.

    So many people stay miserable because it’s familiar. And they are afraid to be happy, because it feels so alien.

    Breaking with the familiar is terrifying, but it can also be so exillerating!!

    Embrace change. Even in tiny steps….the big steps will follow.

    Hugs honey!
    Karen :0)

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