50 ways to help our Planet

I had this link in my Save Our Planet link list for a while now and thought I’d advertise them one at the time for readers who also care. Here are some very simple ways to help our Planet.


My favorites are:

no.2   -> Turn off PC for the night
no.17 -> Shower with your partner
no.21 -> Second-hand doesn’t mean second-best
no.22 -> Buy local
no.38 -> Give it away

and overall I just love all 50 points on the list, each and every thing is available to me, not a big deal to achieve and in many cases it cuts down on the bills too.
I strongly suggest trying and committing to it!

It’s a win-win situation! ;)


5 Comments to “50 ways to help our Planet”

  1. Yeah, so true, these ARE so simple!
    I like no.17 and no.9 :)

  2. I’ve seen this page before, very good! People aren’t aware enough in my opinion… it’s sad how most don’t care about the Planet…

  3. hey Fran and Isabella!
    I’m all for going as green as I can so I’m glad you feel like this too! Keep up the good work :)

  4. very easy, simple stuff 2 do… i think if everyone applied even a few of them we could make a change!! hurray for us :D

  5. People are capable of accomplishing whatever they believe, this is a good cause and a few simple ideas to follow!

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