Healthy tips

A healthy body can’t be maintained with no effort on your behalf.  Here are a few tips for you to ponder about and start if you didn’t already know and made a habit of them.

  • Have breakfast –> Don’t skip breakfast! Even if you’re almost late, there’s always time to mix some cereals with milk and eat them while dressing for example.
  • Drink natural juices –> Replace artificial drinks fresh, natural juices. They’re ready in 5 minutes, always taste better and are actually good for your health being rich in vitamins, regulating your cholesterol level and toughening your immunity.
  • Stop chaotic meal times –> Eating at regular hours helps you avoid digestive problems. Try building up a schedule you’ll follow, don’t eat too many things and types of food at once.
  • Go to the doctor –> At least once a year, have a full checkup done. It helps you detect any disease early and you’ll be more relaxed in case your head ache turns out to be only a sign of aging.
  • Forget the elevator –> It’s commonly known how exercise keeps you healthier and filed with energy. So walk up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk or bike instead of driving or taking the bus to work, take up jogging, yoga, sports, etc.  and you’ll keep many affections at distance.
  • Music for your soul –> Your soul’s health is also important for your overall health and spiritual well being. Music will make you relax, detach from your stressful surroundings and fill you up with optimism and energy.
  • Sleep –> Sleep depravation works miracles in wrecking you immune system and making you more vulnerable to disease and stress, you get easily irritated and won’t be able to concentrate. All very good reasons to value your resting period and sleep those 8 hours doctors urge you to take into consideration.

Stay healthy everyone! ;)


5 Comments to “Healthy tips”

  1. Your blog is full of great tips, I love it!
    Your remind me how I should really work on eating breakfast and regular meals and getting enough sleep…

  2. I was doing so well until we got the sleep. ;-) Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I’m working on adopting a healthy lifestyle so your post comes in handy.
    Sad how we usually forget the simplest of things we could do for our health…

  4. These are GREAT tips. Simple, effective and easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle.


  5. @ All

    I also love the simpleness of it all! A few things can go a long way!

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