Holding hands forever

It happened last week on a day when I was coming home with the bus and I was in quite a bad mood since it was hot in there, more people than I like to be around in a confined space, smelly and to top it off… I had to stand in one foot through the whole journey since I didn’t have anywhere else to place it except on someone else’s foot.

I thought it would be different this time, but I definitely remembered yet again why I hate public transportation and why (aside from being much more healthy) I’d rather walk, even for miles and in the cold as an alternative to this.

Okay, that’s out of my system, now back to my original thought.

I was on my way home with the mood I just described when I saw a couple holding hands.

Nothing unusual you’d say.

Except for the fact that the couple wasn’t at it’s first love’s daydreams, they weren’t teenagers or even middle aged, but an old couple, probably grandparents, surely over the age of 65. And…

Seeing them holding hands and making the most of that loving feeling we all want in and throughout our lifetime made me feel so much better!




7 Responses to “Holding hands forever”

  1. Awww that’s so sweet to read! You’re such and observer of little things ;)

  2. How cute of them!

    I don’t like huge public displays of affection like teenagers nowadays almost having sex in broad day light, right on the park bench next to you sort of way…
    Not saying I’m that old, but I think a few kisses, holding hands and normal things like these is enough in public.

  3. Sweet reminder, Estrella. Thank you!


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