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2009, September 29

Small annoyances

Small annoyances don’t matter so much until they pile up in one day. Then they’re just frustrating!
And since they say it’s better not to bottle things up, thought I’d list here some of the things I encountered yesterday.

Things like:
– a busy super market
(schools and universities started so we can wave “bye bye” to a normal shopping experience until the middle of next summer)
– poor service (like you only see in Romania)
– looooooooooooooong lines (even better when people keep cutting in line, that’s just fabulous)
– people walking v e r y   s l o w l y right in front of you
(give them extra credit if you can’t even go around them because of another individual who decided to flat out stop and is unwilling to move even his cart)
– bugs attracted to your shirt
(they’re attacking you the instant you set your foot out the door)
– family members (they have the special talent to annoy you at any given time since they do know you best)
– disrespectful roommates
(the kind every little kid dreams of one day having… yup, my dreams came true)
– secondhand smoke (so your room constantly smells like an ashtray even if the smoking is going on in a different room)
– no hot water by the time you’re ready to jump into the shower after (the cherry on top)
– a hot day (no comment here) 

Alright this was it, I think.

Unless I forgot to mention creepy dogs running right at you in the middle of your midnight stroll, barking and changing direction in the last second, passing you.

Or cars wanting to park on you. Let’s face it, that’s what rear-view mirrors are actually for!

Okay, that’s enough for now ;)

I’m wondering, would you share some of your small annoyances?

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