Pondering on Friendship

I wrote about Friends of the Road and Friends of the Heart a while back, and now I’ll focus a bit on the second one, since I was in a pretty meditative mood today about friendship and the end of friendships.

There are friendships built in time that you’re sure will last for a lifetime.
I mean the kind of relationship with those people who come into your life, you discover and get to know them step by step, and end up loving them with all your heart, more and more with each day that passes, each joyous and sad moment you go through together, and you can’t even imagine your life without their friendship.
You know that somehow they’re so much like you, understand you, help you and you can count on them any time you need them.
You share your joy and sadness, thoughts, feelings, important things and even just silence.

But sadly there comes a time when things change, when we get disappointed by some of our friends in a bigger or smaller way.
And then, you realize, it’s gone… your true friendship has ended just like that.
Suddenly word don’t have their place or even meaning they once had, stories are being told in the past tense, and memories end up further and further away.

It happens to everyone at some point and it’s sad.
But luckily every friendship leaves us with something good too.

It’s all up to us what we choose to keep in our hearts.


7 Comments to “Pondering on Friendship”

  1. A short course in Human Relations:
    The six most important words: “I admit I made a mistake.”
    The five most important words: “You did a good job.”
    The four most important words: “What is your opinion.”
    The three most important words: “If you please.”
    The two most important words: “Thank you.”
    The one most important word: “WE”
    The least important word: “I”

    Read this on a blog and find it very accurate :)

  2. Love how you described this subject. Many times I think it’s complicated to go back to friendship if you have an argument, probably because of the things people say at anger that more often can’t be taken back.
    So it’s important to think of your friend at all times so you’ll have that friendship last for your whole life.

  3. “Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends.”
    – Jacques Delille (1738 – 1813) French poet.

    Found this great site, thought I’d share it :)

  4. really nice and true thoughts estrella :) that what happens day by day!

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