Sense of humor

Happy Fall everyone!A great laugh is so liberating, isn’t it?
You’re brought to tears, your jaws start hurting, but you still can’t stop laughing.

Moments like this don’t happen every day, but luckily we get to experience them from time to time brought on by funny situations around us or by the people who know exactly how to make us laugh and relax.

Some people are born with an extra dose of humor to their use, who always see the funny part in everything and have the amazing ability of pointing it out, they’re fun to hang around with and funny (even) without telling text book jokes.
They can distension any situation and make everyone feel great and happy.

And the best part of it -> they know how to even make fun and laugh at themselves.

I’m lucky to have quite a few people like this in my life and by being around them, having conversations, e-mailing, reading their blogs, etc. I most always get back to my cheerful self :)

Thank you! ;)

PS: special dedication to my charming, witty and funny friends! You know who you are ;)


3 Comments to “Sense of humor”

  1. Oh! Pick me! ;-) Actually, around my house I’m not allowed to tell the joke. I’m joke impaired. I forget key elements on my way to the punch line, remember them right before the end, go back, fill them in, explain a little, tap dance… by the time I get to the punch line, no one remembers what came before. I am funny for all the wrong reasons!

    • See? You’re always funny, and even if you think it’s not for the right reasons, let me tell you: there’s no right or wrong reason! ;)
      Thank you always!

      PS: your comment was funny :P

  2. yes we all know a few people like that :) they are great :D
    you forgot to mention that i am one of those…or you don’t see me as one of those people?

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