Economy – how we see it differently

Sunday everyone is looking for a day off filled with peace, quiet, lots of laughter, fun, maybe a walk with their loved ones or if the weather isn’t holding up maybe a nice day cuddling and watching movies, and generally a great time. I know I am, so thought I’d start off with this today :)

No need to take men seriously every time, but here’s how men and women see different economical aspects, a random order of my totally unbiased opinion, yet in a funny and somewhat over-stretched point of view ;)

  • -> When men really like something they’d pay even double to get it.
    -> When women see something half-price they buy it even if it’s not exactly what they were looking for and make it work.
  • -> When the waiter leaves the check on the table, men round up the sum and leave a big tip without a second look at it, to impress.
    -> Women take out their calculator and start adding up the sum counting and checking every piece of bread.
  • -> Men love paying by credit card or high sum bills. They think pennies are for the kid’s piggy bank, that they’ll be considered lesser men if they carry pennies with them.
    -> Women on the other hand always answer easily to a cashier’s ever-lasting question: “Do you have some change?”



6 Responses to “Economy – how we see it differently”

  1. really really nice estrella :D love these point of views :D very funny :D (and partially true) :D

  2. So funny :) Good to see an unbiased opinion hehe :)
    Oh I’m still laughing!

  3. Very nice article, thanks! I think you’re cute when sarcastic :P


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