Getting there

Today more than ever, I feel things moving by much too quickly.
Everything is all about speed, people are rushing, the weather changes daily if not by the hour, cities grow, everything’s rushing ahead.

In the middle of all this I just feel like I need to stop.

Stop, breathe and look, not around me, but inside of me and wonder where I’m rushing, why I’m rushing with everyone else.
I don’t belong among the people who forget to walk slowly too sometimes.

I belong somewhere not defined yet and so far away, but so close all at the same time.
And it’s wonderful there, a place where there are still 4 seasons, flowers don’t fade after a few days, where people haven’t forgotten that everything green that means life grows from the ground, not from concrete.
Where everyone knows that flying is done with wings, not with huge airplanes, that meaningful things come from the heart, not from the store, and are done by hand, not by robots in a factory.
I belong somewhere far away, surrounded by woods and high mountains, rivers and lakes with clean fresh water and lots of fish, a little house that smells like wood and a little garden and my own rainbow.

I won’t give up dreaming!

I know it exists somewhere even if not in the exact way I just described it, but I’ll slow down and … won’t give up until I’m there!


4 Comments to “Getting there”

  1. I love this post, Estrella. It’s lovely. Like a poem. We all need to slow down. See our right selves, our right futures as clearly as you see yours. Hugs!

  2. Another worthy post, Estrella. !!!

    At times like this, everything is moving and changing so rapidly that at times it is difficult to keep up with the pace. “Rest if you must …….. But, don’t quit.”

    Good job. I find some inspiration to get on with my life this morning. “Thank You.”

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