Blog Action Day – Climate Change

It’s Blog Action Day today! Instead of a speech from me, you can find out what it is by clicking the link I provided :)
I stumbled upon this website by chance and, just like with Earth Hour, I fell in love with the idea of writing even just one post today which added up with many other posts leads to lots of people talking about the environment, spreading the news, and overall discussing important issues.

Everyone experiences climate change!
Since it’s a global problem, it literally affects everything and everyone.
There are many obvious changes in the atmosphere’s composition or in land surface, like:
temperature, precipitation, wind, pollution, sea levels rising, ocean acidification, animals going extinct, etc.

Surely you’ve noticed…

My most recent example is: snow in October this Tuesday and yesterday when just Monday it was so hot I was walking home in a T-Shirt. Now it’s so cold I had to switch to a winter coat, hat, scarf and even gloves in the morning/at night.

What we can do:

– sign up and post your thoughts on Blog Action Day. Join and take action, this way you’ll also start a discussion
– share your thoughts about this topic on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. whatever you’re using
– contact your government representatives
– tell your friends
– reduce your usage of resources
– recycle
– reuse whatever you can
– and even more ways to get involved are
listed here.

I’m convinced that if we all do our best individually, we can change a lot!


25 Comments to “Blog Action Day – Climate Change”

  1. I got such positive feedback about my Top 10 Climate Change Videos post–it was a pleasure. It really felt like an exciting day with so much momentum coming from bloggers, tweeters etc!

    Thanks for organizing and I look forward to participating again next year.

  2. What an amazing achievement. Well done to everyone who organised the event and for all who took part.
    great to have been a part of it!

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