Almost off-blog Saturday and muffins

My day was filled by many things from reading a few #fridayflashes, enriching my recipe collection, going to the farmers market to meet my mom/help carry home the groceries, to baking banana & chocolate chip muffins and not being able to wait for daylight (like any normal (ordinary?) person) to take a photo of them.

As I didn’t want to leave Saturday with no post, and since I do have to show off my baking skills somewhere else than at home (too), I just wanted to share this photo with you guys (drooling hazard ahead -> prepare tissues) ;)



4 Comments to “Almost off-blog Saturday and muffins”

  1. ohh those are soo tasty…. much more as they seem :D
    nice job sweetheart!

  2. They look great and I’m using my writerly talents to imagine the aroma…..


  3. Oh those muffins….. I’ll go now and bake some myself :P

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