Homemade Lip Gloss

In a market of beauty products filled with chemicals and all sort of poo it’s hard to find a product that you trust. So why not home make your own?

This recipe is the simplest I found so far.
Also, aside from the
Homemade Lip Balm, it’s the most effective I’ve ever used.


Lip Gloss

Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)
Face blush powder
2-3 Drops of essential oils for scent
Small container with a lid

Mix the Vaseline with a small amount of blush and it’s ready to use.

Feel free to get creative and mix several colors of blush until you get the shade you like best.

If you add more blush in the mix it equals a stronger color and it can be used instead of lipstick too.

Make as much as you’d like, but I suggest a smaller amount because you don’t need too apply much, so even few grams and with daily use will last for a very long time!

I strongly recommend it to everyone: it cures chapped lips and is exceptional for autumn and winter use as it stays on your lips for several hours (mine stayed on for up to 7 hours) and it doesn’t let the cold air get past it to dry your lips.

I love it! And I’m confident you will too! ;)

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Homemade Lip Gloss/Lipstick” right here on Pillowchats.com


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  1. Cool! And here’s a tip – if you wanted it to have a more professional look, you could melt it in the microwave for about a minute. Then, once it’s liquid, you put it in the fridge until it’s solidified. This is just a tip – it will make your lip gloss look better. But you did a great job! I love the colours.

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