Why you should be alone in these situations

A few weeks ago my fiancé was testing his microphone after installing the Windows Voice Recognition program right in front of me, making me laugh ‘till tears.

Somehow I managed to type the funniest ones, so here they are, hope you have a laugh too! ;)

“wait. don’t laugh. I’m just testing the microphone. I mean never mind, you’re going to laugh anyway… just saw the sentence I have to read out loud.”

“one, two. two! two two two! two already! not to, two!”

“press see. press see as in cat. press c.”

“say enter. oh… enter”

“next. next! start.”

“down. down! scroll down.”

"I love my bunny" (turns to me and says what the pc wrote: "I love my body…")

"love. L L! L as in load. L!" PC constantly writes "nove, N, N"

"insert. send. send! enter"

“inbox.” error so says “close.” program closes the whole window. don’t close that…

"stop listening.” says something to me, turns back to the monitor and find his sentence written “delete that." don’t write delete that… "stop listening! stop listening. cancel" finally…

This definitely is among the reasons you should be alone in situations like this if you don’t want anyone to publish your pearls :P

Many times, he sounded like Steve Martin in The Pink Panther when learning the famous phrase: “I want to buy a dahmbehrgerr, ehenber, embebber, ömbögarrrr, damburger”

I can’t get enough of this video!

12 Responses to “Why you should be alone in these situations”

  1. thanks for that :P i had fun also with this program :D
    i should open up a website with live feed of me talking to the pc :P

  2. hahaha. And of course you love your body!

    Thanks for a good and entertaining start to my day…

  3. Hilarious! My brother tried this program too but I wasn’t inspired enough to type what he was saying. Or maybe because I was busy pulling myself up from the floor :P So funny!

  4. Oh I love that part of The Pink Panther haha, but your fiance was very funny too! great that you typed it now you can remember forever.

    • I was in the middle of writing and e-mail when he was doing this and I typed it and sent it to my friend too. I’m very glad I got to type it, like you’ve said, the exact memory will last forever now ;)

  5. That’s funny, I should as my hubby to set this up too and make a video!

  6. I can only imagine how funny I sound when doing this – and I definitely make sure I’m alone and with no webcam on. haha


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