Pop Art and Funny Pearl of Wisdom #11

Given that I’m very busy today cleaning up my virtual space, copying/moving things from folder to folder/partition to partition/PC to laptop, analyzing thoroughly what I do or don’t need any more, deleting stuff… I kinda… didn’t prepare a post for today.

Luckily for me, Karen (I must say “Happy Birthday!” to her again with this opportunity) decided to include one of my pop art I made of her photo a while back and also tell the world how much she liked my Halloween short story and something I said/wrote to her in an e-mail.

So here it is, my pop art and personal funny pearl of wisdom over at Karen Schindler’s Miscellaneous Yammering.

Thank you again Karen, especially for being my friend and an amazing role model to look up to!

Kisses and hugs!


4 Comments to “Pop Art and Funny Pearl of Wisdom #11”

  1. You’re so very welcome honey. And I’m so very glad that I can call you a friend.

    Hugs hugs HuGs!!!!!!!!!

    Karen :0)

  2. Too funny rolf

  3. Oh honey, that was hilarious!

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