You never forget your first – by Estrella Azul

They say you never forget your first… it’s so true!

I sit here at my notebook now and still remember like it was only minutes ago that I was there, dressed up in a red form fitted shirt, my favorite mini skirt and high heels.


My boss’ sentence “Good luck with your first client and your future working career” rang in my head throughout the weekend before going in to work that day.

I wanted to relax, but felt more nervous with every minute that went past, I looked at my clock numerous times, anxiety was taking over as I thought of what was about to happen for the very first time.

I now know for sure I was compared to other girls, but back then I only thought about how I wouldn’t be able to perform like I wanted, about what it would mean for me, what to expect emotionally and physically, that it may hurt me in ways I haven’t even imagined before.


He came in, calmly looked around the space then determinedly looked at me.

My heart beat like crazy in all it’s madness as I saw him come towards me, but he wasn’t nervous.

He already made up his mind and knew exactly what he wanted.

And I wanted him to think that I was good at it, I wanted to meet his standards.


This evergreen phrase has been reminded to me countlessly while I was still in training: “Our client is our master.”

I was taught to wear practical clothes that would come off and could be put back on quickly enough in heated situations so the client wouldn’t have to wait for too long, discreet so I won’t attract too much attention, care in revealing things about myself to my co-workers and clients, knowing that my words and behavior will attract different sorts of reactions from them and affect how they treat me in return.

I was afraid about times when a client could be overly infatuated by me, I already thought of how I wouldn’t lead him on and help him see reality before things get out of hand.

It was going to be a totally new experience, but I knew it would be made easier by all the information I got throughout the training period, confidence and also the client’s support.


After saying hello to him, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and asked how I could please him.

He looked at me deeply and attentively, and when he started talking everything seemed unreal.
He asked for something incomprehensible to me and I had to think for a second before knowing how to respond, without making him feel unattended.

I still remember his words so clearly in my head:

“Hello. Nice flower shop. I would like to buy a plant for my car!”


20 Comments to “You never forget your first – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Love the set-up for the reader! I love it when familiar patterns are used to think about something else entirely. I read earlier that this was a real request! What in the world did you end up suggesting to him? That’s fascinating…

    • Well I suggested another bushy plant similar to the one he had in his car before.
      But in the end he didn’t buy anything, we didn’t have many varieties of plants just yet as the flower shop just opened and this happened a little after 8 AM.
      I was glad though that he left happy :)

  2. Another fine example of flash ficton , good stuff

  3. absolutely terrific!

  4. @ All

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I’m so glad to have you all here!

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