I have a staple gun and I’m not afraid to use it!

Okay, I’ll admit: I totally forgot about posting today.
And I don’t really have anything to say, but as you can see I needed to tell you at least that :P

No, wait, I can keep it short and interesting by letting you how much fun I had just now:

I learned how to use a staple gun :D
And as if that’s not big news by itself, I just re-did the upholstery on the chair (yes, at 10 PM) I’m currently keeping my laptop on and typing these very sentences. 

Oh, it felt so good! There’s something about using tools that agrees with me 100% ;)

It totally reminded me of the years we lived in the house with our big garden and the many times my grandfather was building or fixing things. He taught me how to do a lot of things and let me help him all the time, in most everything.
Come to think of it, maybe it was because I don’t have siblings, but who cares? I loved helping him so much!
Even when he was fixing cars!
I was so proud when I learned the names of all the different tools so I could hand them to him and then learn a thing or two about the actual fixing of cars too.

I sometimes miss those days so much… but it’s okay, now I have a staple gun around and I’m not afraid to use it!


PS: I found myself looking for other things to staple, so I’ll advise you to watch your words in the comment thread :P

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12 Responses to “I have a staple gun and I’m not afraid to use it!”

  1. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying when making things, than the right tool for the right job. As a carpenter for 7 years and a guy for many more before that, I consider myself an expert in this area.

    ps: Wait till you try a nail gun. Your primordial side will totally take over!

  2. proud of you, and glad that i could help you with the staple gun :P good luck in the future stapling my furniture :P

  3. I’m partial to hammers. ;-)

    • I used to think so as well until I tried the staple gun yesterday ;)
      There was a lot of hammering going on when I was a little girl, even if nothing needed it, I fixed everything with a couple of nails and my special small sized hammer my grandfather made for me (or had made for me I think) :)
      (I still have it and find it so cute now)

      PS: I’m in a weird nostalgic mood for some reason… wishing I was that little again :)

  4. I also love using a staple gun, but haven’t told my hubby :P he would get disappointed that he can’t do anything around the house :P

  5. You’re cute, I also love power tools :D

  6. You’re so handy… Take it from me guys, I saw the chair!

  7. Cool blog. You have a lovely sense of humor :)


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