The Lake – by Estrella Azul

She looked around. The sky slowly turned grey from the strong blue it was when she had arrived.

Sitting on the pier, staring at the waves, listening to the frogs croak she felt overwhelmed. Thoughts and memories were rushing into her head one after another each stopping for only a moment… making her think of nothing and everything all at the same time.

Even though this wasn’t the lake in the mountains that she dreamed of escaping to it was still her lake, her hiding place.

Her beautiful lake, surrounded by Weeping Willows like the one next to the pier where she sat down.

The lovely willow almost seemed as if its sole purpose was to reflect her mood after the summer night breeze had dried her tears.

She just sat staring at the water.

The dancing waves often made her dizzy and forced her to look away for a second, yanking her back to reality.

A reality far too complicated and harsh, and one that kept her from achieving all that she wanted.

She didn’t even want much, she thought, so how was it possible that so many years went by and still … no change, nothing.

Listing the good and bad things that have happened made her wonder can only a few good things, kind people, semi-satisfied life and love really make a difference among the infinity of sad happenings, shattered dreams, jealous people, hatred and death?

Looking at her hand she jolted as she noticed her engagement ring was gone.

The wonderful ring which made all the difference in her relationship, which showed her fiancé’s undying love… undying…

But was it?

She burst into tears again.

Panic slowly took over as she looked back at the waves – could it be? She jumped up and walked around the pier looking for the ring, hoping at least that would not be taken away from her so soon, fearing that without it she’ll forget how to smile sometimes even if she’d rather cry forever, look away when she’d rather shout, stay put even if she’d rather run as far as possible.

Today when thoughts of her former life made her feel hopeless, confused and depressed that ring had kept her from running further than the lake.

The lake… the place where she and her fiancé first met. The pier where she even now frantically searched for her missing ring was the very place where they had their first kiss.

Where they often came back and ate ice cream just like on their first date, where they took photos, laughed and planned their life together.

Where he kneeled and asked her to be his wife and presented her with that beautiful ring.

The lake… where it all began.

She looked again at her shaking hand and stared at the ringless finger and the all too visible scar, a never-fading reminder of the car crash.


She was afraid.

Afraid she’d forget how to live without her engagement ring when she hasn’t yet learned how to live without her fiancé.


22 Responses to “The Lake – by Estrella Azul”

  1. I can’t find the words to say how much I liked it…It is a nice, sad story… Good job;) kisses:*

  2. Hey Estrella,

    I like what I have just read.

    What I noticed is that you are transforming as a blogger – with a lot creativity added in your posting these days.

    Keep it up. !!!

    • Thank you Michael!
      I am growing as an artist and doing my best in becoming a writer so it was only natural to see all the changes on my blog too.
      I love the way it’s going so far and I also hope to keep it up!

  3. So heartbreaking. Well done.

  4. How sad, to lose her fiancé and then to lose the one thing that still tied them together. Very poignant story of love and loss.

  5. I like it very much and I was very touched and surprised how beautifully my daughter writes.
    I could almost see your soul through these sentences, differently than on a daily basis.

  6. One of my favorite artists, love how great the story and song are together.

  7. That was sad… both the story and the song. Very beautifully written, you’re good!

  8. @ All

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I’m so glad to have you all here!


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