Funny Pearls of Wisdom #11

This funny pear of wisdom dates back to when our female roommate (who teaches history in some God forgotten village) was reading something out loud in her room. I was quite surprised… she can’t read continuously. I would’ve been ashamed to read like her, like a bad record player (remember those?) :P

After looking at me with the face of a little kid at Christmas my fiancé said:

pearls of wisdom no 6


4 Responses to “Funny Pearls of Wisdom #11”

  1. I like this. Well done. !!!

  2. I don’t like her… What do you think, was I too open about it?
    It’s just very funny!

  3. I love your Blog, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a blog. Any chance you’ll get this series back into gear?


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