The unknown girl – by Estrella Azul

It was a cold autumn day and she had no intention of going out on the break between classes, too much of a hassle just for going to the lengths of freezing herself, she thought.

She was happily reading her book sitting in her bench near the window. She looked out from time to time.

Her friend suddenly sat down and impatiently waited for her to finish the sentence.

“What is it?” – she asked.

“Well, you know… my neighbor has started here this year and I thought of going by her classroom during this break to see how she’s doing. And point her in the right direction about the teachers here.” – her friend had a big grin on her face.

“But I’m so comfortable here in the warm classroom, reading.” – even the hallways were close to freezing temperature that day. – “I’ll join you next time, okay?”

“But I wouldn’t like to go alone… way to the other end of the school… it’s a whole floor away.” – her friend pleadingly replied – “Come on, some leg stretching will do you good!”

“Alright…” she gave in reluctantly.

They got their sweaters and headed out. As soon as they closed the door behind them, she started to regret her choice, she missed the summer’s warmth so much.

Walking down the corridors she was thinking of how fast her beloved summer passed by, how many bad things have happened during it from friend’s betrayal to relationships gone bad, and ultimately the break up.  Yet she still missed it.

And she missed having a day-long internet connection!

Being back in school, knowing it would still be three years before graduation was very depressing to her at the moment. What in the world could she do to pass time quickly during a boring class whilst at home she could be chatting with her friends, watching interesting videos, movies and openly reading her book in the garden.

She tripped. Her friend looked back at her smiling.

“See you’ve noticed we’re here.”

“Yes, thank you.” she replied while watching her next step.

They entered the 9th grader’s classroom, headed toward the acquaintance and after the proper introductions were made, she took a step back and observed the classroom while giving her friend privacy to talk.

She looked around among the mayhem of what a break meant in every classroom, but especially to 9th grader’s and thought of how nice it must be for them to be so far away from the teachers lounge as opposed to her classroom. The building, thus the hallways, being square they were right in front of the teachers balcony so not much mischief went unnoticed.

These guys had all the privacy in the school while they could still see the teachers coming and hide any trace of evidence before getting into any trouble.

As she stood there looking out the window, admiring the school and its old feel, the tree in the middle of the yard with its little white picket fence around it and the now fading flowers it protected she somehow felt lonely and far away even though behind her most of the students were shouting and enjoying themselves.

She only dropped back into reality as she heard the sentence:

“Hey, there’s an unknown girl in our classroom!”

She turned around looking directly into the eyes of the person who said this.

He was a tall guy, with light brown hair, and the most beautiful hazel eyes she ever saw.

Of course she couldn’t tell him that… and it was a pity. She didn’t even get to introduce herself  as the guy’s classmates jumped at the occasion of teasing an unknown person.

As the bell rang she and her friend closed the door behind them heading back to their own classroom.

“Unknown girl” these two words got to her more than she had expected and it dawned on her that even though it was said as a joke, it was the truest statement she heard in a long time.

She actually was an unknown girl.

There in that classroom full of 9th graders, in her own classroom, in her former relationship, among her friends, at home and…

And even to herself.


21 Responses to “The unknown girl – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Nicely told. She needs to get out of her shell more if she wants to stop being unknown. :)

  2. No one wants to be unknown.

  3. Sometimes knowing who we are is scarier than not. Great little epiphany at the end. Peace, Linda

  4. I think often, we are all unknown. The pain of the revelation is a teenage nightmare, and the freedom is an adult’s dream. Nice writing and imagery, a glimpse into this young girls soul.

  5. I love the way you’ve used ‘unknown’ – puts a fresh take on it.

  6. @ All

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I’m so glad to have you all here!

  7. Interesting voice here, true all the way through (that came out more oddly than I expected – but it has a ring to it).

    I like that there’s just enough to go on, and yet you still hook your readers.

    Well done.


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