Advent wreath or table centerpiece

Yesterday I decided to continue posting crafty gift and decoration ideas, turning these few weeks before Christmas into a holiday special (except Fridays or Saturdays when I publish my flash fiction).

For last Sunday I made an Advent wreath (well actually 3) which doubles as a table centerpiece. I love how it turned out (yes, I know, I love everything I make)!

This can be a great gift for when you’re visiting relatives and friends. Here are the instructions to make it yourself.

How to make – Advent wreath or table centerpiece
(this particular one that I made)

round (or whatever you like best) shaped plywood
pine cones
pine branches
ribbon/globe/orange slice with a cinnamon roll on it/ etc. some small decoration you like

Paint your plywood in some color you’d like, glue the pine cones around the edge (remember to check how well they fit before gluing them).  You can even paint the pine cones red, silver, gold, etc. add glitter… basically anything goes as long as you like it.
Place your candle/candles in the center where you’d like them, fill in the space between the pine cones and candle/candles with greenery (the pine branches) and add some decoration to make it more festive.

I went for a simple look with silver plywood, natural pine cones, a more interesting star shaped glittery candle and only a ribbon for decoration.




So, did I make you want to play around with this?

Check back if you’re interested in more ideas, next up: Christmas flower table decorations.

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on


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  1. Lovely wreath!

  2. This is wonderful, love it!

  3. Such a great centerpiece, and amazing photo!

  4. This look amazing! Wish I’d seen it before Christmas though… but there’s always next Christmas, right? ;)

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    This is why I love your blog, the best info out there!


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