Christmas flower decorations

These flowers that resemble Euphorbia plants are a great decoration for your house at Christmas time, but also throughout the year. They can be placed almost anywhere like on the festive holiday table, furniture in general, on top of your PC monitor, etc.


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I wasn’t sure my simple written instructions would be enough (because of my lack of sewing terminology…), I also posted a video of my mom sewing a flower decoration so you’ll be able to see what I’m writing about and have a clear vision of how exactly should it be done.

How to make – Christmas (and not only) flower decorations

colored fabric (you might have laying around and can reuse)

Cut your templates for 6 bigger and 6 smaller petal. Place the smaller ones in the middle of the bigger petals.

Making sure your needle goes through both petals start from the bottom in the center of the petals.

Place one bigger or two smaller beads.

Get your next petal and poke the needle through the top to the bottom then proceed to the top.

You’ll see your flower get shape even with just the two petals already.

At this point you’re back at the first step as you got your needle and thread from the bottom to top. After placing the bead(s) again, repeat the next steps until your flower is completed.

Finish your sewing on the back and arrange the petals.

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on

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  1. Beautiful craft flowers :)

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