Winter and Christmas window decorations #2

It’s on with the holiday special and here’s a new post about winter and Christmas themed window decorations.

They’re pretty easy to make, I think you remember, but just in case you don’t here are the instructions as well:

How to make – Window decorations

recycled colored paper (or white paper you can color yourself later)
a template or imagination and skills to draw one yourself
carbon paper
and a paper cutter

You start off by choosing your design, print it out/draw it, place the carbon paper on you colored paper, place the template on the two and trace it to transfer the design to the colored paper.
Then use the paper cutter to cut the gaps which give your window decoration shape and the much loved effect on your window.

And to show off my work ;)

page last two window deco

38 - November, December, blokk teto naplemente, adventi koszoruk, diszek, gipsz kepek-1

38 - November, December, blokk teto naplemente, adventi koszoruk, diszek, gipsz kepek-2

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on


7 Responses to “Winter and Christmas window decorations #2”

  1. they are really awesome! and i know you worked really hard on these :D but they look exceptionally gr8 on the windows and the doors :D

  2. Oh, sooo beautiful!

  3. Your technique is crisp and sharp. They almost look laser cut. I remember making something like this years and years ago, and was reminded you can hang them, then spray them with a washable paint, and display them instead in relief. Pretty anyway you look at them. Did you do these with the child you watch? This would be a great learning experience for a child – or even ME, since I’m not so good with scissors! Beautiful and thanks for sharing. Patsye

  4. Your artwork is truly gorgeous. Although I have no artistic talent, you clearly do. The best work I can do with my hands is type.

    My daughter spent hours making snowflakes this year so I’m going to show her yours for some additional instruction and inspiration after she finishes her report on Francisco Pizarro. Nothing conjures up Christmas like Francisco!

    • Thank you so much, you’re too kind! Typing needs talent too, and you have a lovely way with with words.
      These take quite some time too, all worth it however. I’m sure your daughter will like making these decorations and especially the end result.


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