Christmas present gift tags and greeting cards

I found that greeting cards, especially for the family are always well received and much more appreciated when home made.

I love the fact that when you spent time, worked/made them on your own and put your heart into it – this just makes them so much more valuable than something you picked up at the store (just like all homemade gifts).

Using my crafting skills I made these present gift tags and greeting cards decorated with a cute heart, Christmas tree, star, bells, holly and snowman art.

Christmas present gift tags

Cut some recyclable cardboard (about 5 cm) fold it in two, then use glue stick to glue a previously drawn/traced shape. Poke a hole through the top corner (add a thread, ribbon, etc.) and attach to your presents.


Greeting cards

Cut some recyclable cardboard (about 20×10 cm) fold it in two and then use glue stick to glue a previously drawn/traced shape (here I used the window decorations making technique and cut shape gaps with a cutter).

You can further decorate your greeting cards with glitter, special edge cutter scissors, scrapbook paper, ribbon, effect yarn, etc. it’s up to you imagination ;)

page greeting cards

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on


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  1. Those are great ideas, Thank you for your help!

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