Last Christmas special: Candle holders and wall pictures

I’ve reached the last of my homemade gifts posts and I saved my personal favorites for last: a beautiful candle holder and wall pictures with specific Christmas images.

How to make – Plaster castings

Candle holder and picture castings

measuring cup
rubber bowl
spoon to mix
plaster powder (the one that dries white is best)
casting molds (candle holder and picture frame shaped molds)

The most important thing is you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mix your plaster powder with water (I mixed 2 parts plaster powder with 1 part water). Place the powder to the bowl, add the water and slowly mix.

The mixture you get from that should be a bit thick but runny, liquid enough to flow off of your spoon without any additional help.
I found that the more watery the mixture is, the longer it will take to dry (which doesn’t really matter if you’re using small molds cause they dry very quickly in those), and the pieces will also be lighter in weight once dry.
It’s also easier to work with if the mixture is more watery as it won’t set as fast (and you won’t have to throw away half of it because it’s hardened).

Use the mixture immediately after and spoon it into the plastic molds for candle holders and picture frames.
If you tap the molds, it will make the air bubbles come to the backside of the pieces and they’ll look more esthetic.

Leave them sit, and after a few minutes feel the back of the castings and you can also place thread, paper clips, etc. to the back for hanging or whatever you want to use them for).

Leave them for at least 20-30 minutes, then when they are firm you can carefully remove them from the mold.

Use a craft knife to get rid of the excess plaster around the edges.

Let the pieces dry completely (I left them on the radiator overnight and by morning they were ready to use/paint).

Use acrylic paint to paint the pieces. Water color paint works well also, but the color is not as intense.
Once painted and dry, use clear acrylic sealer on them to protect them from moisture and to give them a nice glossy look.

You can also decorate with glitter glue, dried fruits, spices, etc. the limit is your imagination!

Wall pictures

After the plaster casting of your frame is completely dry, place the colored top layer of a paper napkin and trace with your fingernails the inner space of the frame so it will fit perfectly after you cut that part out.

Use liquid glue to spread it on the square frame surface, place the exactly cut top layer of the napkin of your choice and gently smooth over the napkin as much as you can while making sure the placement is right and centered. You can gently smooth over the creases by applying glue bit by bit on a cotton swab for example (make sure you use something that won’t scratch the surface!).

Don’t worry if it’s a bit creasy and not perfectly smooth, it gives a more antique look to your picture when it dries.

(You can also try this technique on wooden or cardboard boxes too, other plaster crafts, etc.)

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candle holders-tile 


I hope you enjoyed my holiday special postings where I showed you how to make some cool gifts, decorations and other useful things on your own, like:

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and now Candle holders and wall pictures all of which you can find in my Arts, Crafts (& Recycling) category in case you missed them.

I had so much fun while making them and I’m sure I’ll miss posting about my latest creations as often as I did these past weeks, but I’ll still post any time I tried some new craft.

Like I’ve said before, a few ideas go a long way, all these gifts I posted about can very well be cute and thoughtful, yet inexpensive Christmas (and not only!) gifts for your loved ones and amazing decorations in your own home.

Happy crafting everyone! ;)


Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on


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