Still doesn’t smell like snow

It still doesn’t smell like snow and winter although it’s the 19th of December already… The temperature doesn’t fall much under 0 Celsius, the sky is grey, it’s raining almost every day, the grass is still green at places.

Although the city is decorated with multicolored Christmas lights, parks and many huge pines have been decorated downtown and throughout the city, ice skating rinks have been created and people are enjoying themselves, you can still feel a kind of strange sadness lurching around, dissatisfaction mixed with disappointment and regret.

It hasn’t snowed here yet. Not even one snowflake in sight since the first weeks of October and this just adds to the strangeness. You’d think we’ll be celebrating the winter holidays during autumn.

The overall atmosphere of the pre-holiday preparations is funeral-ish, everything seems grey and somber.

Or maybe it’s just my impression…

Because I love winter and snow!

Since Advent I’m listening to carols that remind me of winter school breaks from when I was still in school, of the past years’ celebrations, the snow like the ones we never really had since I was a little girl, the nuts, poppy seed, apple, vanilla and cinnamon aroma that filled the house from sponge cake and pie my grandmother always makes for the family.

I remember my frozen nose from staying outside too much, my hands turning red and blue from making too many snowmen, snowball fights and snow angles, my mother and grandparent’s voice urging me inside fearing I might catch a cold, the nights when carolers came from door to door and sang, how my mother took me to kid’s bible classes to get ready for the Christmas play and how every year the whole family went to church on Christmas Eve… and I smile bitter-sweetly.

Too much of those times are now mere memories and it makes me sad.

I feel like there is a huge gap in my heart when I can’t recall some of the details, I look at our photo albums, sometimes getting very sad and letting my tears speak for me.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think we’ll ever have winters like they used to be not that long ago.

I miss the winters with meter high snow, sleigh bells ringing as kids play in the snow, hot meals and honest souls.

Today’s generation doesn’t really seem to appreciate winter and the holidays the way we did. Their lives filled with so many PC games, magazines, influencing music they don’t have the time to be with their families and help out during preparations for the holiday they don’t really celebrate together any more, being interrupted by business phone calls, hectic schedules of their daily life routines and other priorities.

I slowly notice that we don’t just lose our planet with our destructive actions, but humanity, compassion and love as well.

I won’t get philosophical, it’s not what I intended to write about, but some things go hand in hand and I can’t help but notice the lack of so many things I loved while growing up.


What do I wish for this Christmas? you could ask.

Snow. And health, peace of mind, inner calmness and tranquility.

That peace I felt when I was young, when the whole family was together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company through good and bad.

What do I wish to you, my wonderful readers?

The same, along with giving up on all the wrong reasons and priorities that may keep you from celebrating. At least now, at Christmas time people should prove that we are humans, capable of understanding, loving each other and be grateful for our lives, families and friends.


8 Comments to “Still doesn’t smell like snow”

  1. Irony has it that after I wrote this a couple of days ago… it began to snow and hasn’t stopped since!
    Everything is so beautifully covered in snow, I’ll write a post about that on Sunday.
    I liked this string of thoughts so much I had to share it as is :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. it’s true… we are loosing all of those things… and it’s sad… but i am really happy that it started snowing and today being the fourth day of continuous snowfall i am really happy.
    every morning the car tracks and shoe prints are covered with a thin layer of white snow, and that smell…. i just hope it doesn’t stop until christmas or new year… i wouldn’t mind the snow being 1 meter high :P

    • I certainly wouldn’t mind meter high snow, everything is so beautiful covered in the crisp clean snow :)
      (Wanna go build a snowman? You’re never too old for building a snowman :D)

  3. Who knew you were so powerful?! Complain about the lack of snow and the universe delivers. (Could you tell the universe I would like an iPhone?)

    This is a lovely, sad post. I have not felt as “Christmas-y” this year… I wonder if you’re hitting on some of the reasons why. The trees in my backyard are only now beginning to lose their leaves! Global warming, anyone?

    Thank you for reminding me to stop and remember the season. Big hugs to you, Estrella. The Ho-ho-ho kind.

    • I was very surprised when it began snowing, couldn’t believe my eyes (I had to take my fiancé for a long walk through Central Park just to make sure it is snowing.) :P

      I couldn’t imagine spending Christmas somewhere where there isn’t even the possibility of snowing, but global warming is definitely affecting us in ways we may not even notice at the time.
      (We’ll only notice when after about 8 years of not snowing, it begins and doesn’t stop for days on end.)
      I’m sorry you haven’t felt as Christmas-y this year, but there’s still time to catch up!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m glad you liked my post.
      great big Ho-ho-ho kind of hugs back at ya!

      PS: about that iPhone… I have to talk to Santa about Karen’s pony and new snow tires, so I’ll see what I can do ;)

  4. Awesome article!

  5. Awesome wistful article! I look forward to reading more upcoming blog posts from you, already checking out more interesting titles.

  6. I also missed that, and still do. But hey, at least it has snowed more than in a few years.

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