Flowers with a hidden agenda

Okay, so I don’t normally do this, but here goes nothing…

Judy Clement Wall, the awe-inspiring author of Zebra Sounds has sent me this bouquet of flowers. Isn’t that sweet of her? She certainly knows how much I love flowers.


Or maybe this was her hidden agenda to find out some deep, dark secrets about me, because that is the point of the bouquet. Like a white flag before you wipe out the opponents ;)

But it’s fun, so I’ll join in whatever her reason.

I’m supposed to write seven unknown facts about myself and then forward the bouquet to seven other bloggers. Since Judy cheated just a tad on her list of unknown facts, so will I and only list three things (which is more than enough in my book too) :P

  1. I’m afraid terrified of spiders. More than I’m afraid of the dark or elevators. – I’m sure this fact was no surprise to many of you, but here’s the most recent example: today I had a scare when my mom handed me a box from the top of her closet and casually pronounced the word ‘spider’ when I got a hold of it… which wasn’t for too long since I totally freaked out while tossing the box as far away as possible, scaring our cats who were peacefully sleeping until that point. So there you have it… I’m even afraid of nonexistent spiders. My mom had an amazing time though.
  2. I’m in over my head in fulfilling orders, doing plaster castings. – Literally: my fiancé pulled plaster out of my hair one day this week…
  3. I don’t pay too much attention when I know things are in order as I left them (here’s the mild case of OCD kicking in) – It’s like finding the light switch in the dark (on first try!). So when someone placed an identical bottle of brandy next to my bottles of room temperature plant water… I "brandered” a plant. It died. I’m sorry… 

Three bloggers I’ll forward the flowers to are:

  1. Sacyka – because she hasn’t posted anything interesting in quite a while (just joking honey :P)
  2. Farina – because she’s just cool and her blog is among the ones I enjoy to read.
  3. and Thu-Trang – because she hasn’t posted in a while and this is a perfect excuse to find out some secrets ;)

As for anyone else in the mood to share some secrets, feel free to do so, I won’t tell a soul! ;)


13 Comments to “Flowers with a hidden agenda”

  1. anyone wanting to find out more secrets? :P e-mail me :)) nice one :D

  2. :) i’ll try not doing it anymore:) btw look behind you! :)

  3. Just a brief stop. You are doing fine. I love it. Have a great day ahead. !!!

  4. I’m uncomfortable with spiders. I used to not even be able to be in the same room with them. Now I just watch them warily. I figure at this rate, I’ll be paling around with them in my old age.

    Thank you for playing. Loved your list.

    • Thanks for the challenge, it certainly was fun to think of these!
      I’m okay with spiders in the same room also… as long as I don’t see or know about them being there :P

  5. I think the people who LIKE spiders are the ones who should keep it a secret. I mean, really, why would any sane person be okay with a spider crawling up their arm? I love that you have bottles of room temperature water for your plants! And brandy bottles, at that. (Shhh – please don’t tell, but I talk to my plants.) Hmmm – thinking about it, how much brandy do you drink, girl? And am I invited over?

    • Glad you stopped by and shared your secret too :)
      And you’re totally right about people who like spiders. I definitely wouldn’t feel too comfortable in their company knowing they might throw a spider at me for no reason :P

      PS: I don’t drink, but if you’re okay with flying over to Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), I’ll be happy to share the brandy
      (it’s not mine, I don’t like the person whose it is, so it’s gonna be an extra pleasure)

  6. ok I didn’t know about the killing of a plant with alcohol.
    the “sorry” made me laugh.
    poor plant.

    I like finding the light switch in the dark too.

    and shame on anyone who would scare you on purpose!

    • I really am sorry especially cause it was big (about 1,3 m) and … it wasn’t my plant.
      It was way too late by the time the smell hit me.

      And thank you honey, you’re so sweet! Huge hugs!

  7. So, you are terrified of spiders as well? Same here. It gets to me everytime. Those creepy crawlies, ew. :D.
    And I’ll play along as well. But, probably tomorrow? :D:D.

  8. There’s always a hidden agenda :P

  9. Didn’t know you had plaster in your pretty hair… good thing it dissolves in water :P

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