Winter is red

What color do you think is best suited for winter?
And no, I’m not talking about the whiteness of snow.
What color comes to mind when you think of winter?

For me, winter is red.

I don’t know why, but I can’t see another color quite as appropriate.
Sure green, silver and gold all go together with it so well, but I’d feel like something was missing if I didn’t have red during winter.

It contrasts so well with the snow’s whiteness and the other colors!

Red – the color of love.

Winter should definitely be the season for love.
Maybe that’s also why I love Valentine’s Day being in February ;)

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11 Responses to “Winter is red”

  1. Let’s see. For me winter is the grey of steely skies and the blue-grey forest shadows.

    Dark brown for the hot cocoa. And soft white for the lush cozy comforter on my bed.

  2. For me, winter is a pale, icy blue, the colour of winter sunshine that is also found, albeit very muted in the shadows of fallen snow.

  3. Aw Estrella you brought out the poet in Marisa and Sam. I feel all warm and fuzzy right now.

    Winter for me is blue. The light blue of a frozen lake glistening in warming sun while the still clean and translucent ice strains to break free.

  4. @ All

    I can see I’ve brought out the poet in all of you, thank you for playing along, and so beautifully!
    It’s always interesting to see what other people are thinking and their viewpoints :)

  5. Winter is blue for me too — ice blue and sky blue. A clear, cold sky is a different blue than a summer sky.

  6. very interesting… never thought of this before… i have to say when i think of christmas i think of the color … transparent…. i know thats not a color, but thats what i see… more colors, all transparent…. (like the ice).

    and on a plus degree in the middle of winter, i see only gray… and squshee brown show mixed with sand and salt.

  7. I’m with Marisa, but where she is poetic, I am complainy. Winter is, what? Two weeks old? And I’m so tired of being cold and living through gray days. Give me some blue skies and blooming things!

    (But I like the idea of winter being red.

    • I though of that because of the Euphorbia flowers, Christmas ornaments/lights, etc.
      And how can you complain? :P
      Your weather forecast says it’s around 3 degrees Celsius there, here it’s – 1 degrees Celsius currently (although it was – 7C too one of the past days)
      That’s why I complain about the lack of snow, it’s cold enough so give me snow :) (let’s see if the universe provides once again)

  8. For me winter is silver and gold. I love tinsel and the ornaments in these colors. Oh and if you ask what it smells like: cinnamon rolls ;)


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