Scheduling my 2010

I’m all hyper and excited about the beginning of a new year, hopefully a better one than the years before, with even more possibilities, creativity, achievements, health, friendship and love.

Aside from juggling all the things going on in my life, in 2010 I will be/continue posting every two days and will try to stick to the following schedule:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays – weekly post of something homemade with instructions/recipe on how you can make it yourself
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays – random post
  • Fridays and Saturdays – weekly, a new piece of fiction (or poem) for #fridayflash
  • Sundays –  monthly post on a subject you choose for me, and random posts on the other Sundays
  • Throughout the week whenever I have some additional interesting topic to write about, you’ll find those too aside from the scheduled stuff :P

And now, because I probably wouldn’t still be blogging if it weren’t for all of you wonderful readers, I prepared a little poll for you.

I will be writing about varied things, but please let me know what else would you like me to write about by voting in the poll.

If you’d like to suggest something not listed in the poll, leave it as a comment below.

Thank you everyone! :)


12 Responses to “Scheduling my 2010”

  1. nice idea :D hope it works :P

  2. I’m so glad that I found your blog thru Zebra Sounds. I’m looking forward to seeing what all you do this year. Hope you’re having a good week. Dani

    • Hey Dani! Thanks for dropping by :)
      I’m also glad you found my blog and enjoy it, so I hope you’ll be having a great read this year.
      You have a nice week too!

  3. That’s quite an ambitious schedule. Best of luck, not just on your blog, but for your entire New Year.

    I voted, but it’s a secret. :)

  4. That IS an ambitious schedule. Kudos for you!

  5. Thank you everyone for voting!

  6. gee you are so good to read i save some recipys if you dont mind thank you

  7. hey, no fair… I can’t vote anymore. But I like the outcome :P

  8. @ All

    Thank you for taking the time comment and vote! You’re wonderful!

  9. I am curious to exchange link with your site. Let me know :)


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