Fun colorful pillows

The first weekly post of the year regarding some homemade craft is very simple. If you know how to sew :P


Fun colorful pillows

colorful material
some soft material for filling (polar material, feathers, etc.)

Decide on the size of your pillow.
Cut little shapes (triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, octagon, etc.) of the material in the colors you like, sew them together according to back and front of the pillowcase. Then on one end sew in a zipper, on the other sew the margins together. 
Unzip and fill the pillowcase with your choice of material (I filled it with little pieces of polar material we had around the house).

Enjoy your new pillow ;)


14 Comments to “Fun colorful pillows”

  1. Useful article as always at this web site. Great pillows!

  2. How colorful to cheer up a grey day!

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