Do you clean to be happy?

Just a few thoughts today :)

After reading an interesting post on the Happiness Project blog, I got to thinking: do I clean to be happy?

I’ve written a blog post a while back about how I probably don’t know how to just sit tight and relax. But now that I think about, it’s clear that when instead of sitting around doing nothing I clean the house it’s so much better on the long run. 

I do everything I can to keep the house clean and tidy or I feel all out of place (and space :P).
My fiancé always tells me to leave it for the next day, but I just can’t function like that unless I’m sick and can’t get up to clean.
The pile up of newspapers, fliers, etc. stuff may be okay and work as a “treat” for him and sometimes for me too at the moment when I throw my notebook or magazines, hat, scarf, jacket on the couch and leave them, but in the end it just makes me feel worse and that’s just not worth it.

Weird how something like this can make such a difference, but for me too:
outer order does bring inner calm.

So what do you do, clean or don’t clean to be happy?


15 Comments to “Do you clean to be happy?”

  1. I know that having a clean place makes me happy. BUT getting to the cleaning part is hard. I put everything aside until later and later becomes much later and then: a big mess. Which makes me very unhappy.

    Once I do clean, I wonder why I just didn’t get to it in the first place. But then the process begins anew.

    One of the problems, I think, is that I live with someone who is rather carelessly sloppy. And after spending time cleaning, it’s disheartening to see all my work unraveled in a very short time.

    But I’m going to be inspired by you! I, too, have felt that outer order helps the inner calm.

    Then I can read. Which makes me happy. :)

    • Your comment made me smile, Marisa :) Happy to have inspired you!
      Don’t think it’s any different for me after I clean, especially since my roommates are just impossible and couldn’t live unless in a garbage collection center in which they constantly try to convert the hallways, kitchen and bathroom.
      But I just pick up their stuff when I get really annoyed by this and throw it randomly in their room. I usually try and spend as little time as possible in those areas because I don’t like to clean after them.

      In my room on the other hand… that needs to be clean at all times! And my fiancé gets in trouble if it isn’t :P

  2. I clean to relieve stress, definitely. Unfortunately, my stress is often related to the mess I’ve let accumulate. So yes, I guess I partly clean to be happy, but the act of cleaning does not make me happy at all. It makes me grumpy. It’s not until the end, when I look around and see everything neat… then I’m happy.

    Still think you’d be an awesome roommate! (I’d make you cheesecake for all your cleaning!)

    • The act of cleaning doesn’t make me happy either, I find it stress relieving though. Maybe I get tired when it’s a whole-day kind of cleaning, but sometimes I can really empty my mind while cleaning.
      When it’s all done: I’m so happy :) And when it stays clean for more than a day, I’m even happier :P

      I still think you’d be a great roommate too! But just so you know, bribery doesn’t work unless you’re making banana and chocolate chip muffins, pizza or french fries ;)

  3. Oh, I remember the days of living with roommates. I really did NOT enjoy any part of it, but especially the ones who made messes in the kitchen or bathroom. Those are the two rooms that I always want clean. Clutter in the livingroom doesn’t bother me that much. I live alone now, so it’s much easier to keep things clean for a while. If nothing else, I always try to make sure there are no dirty dishes left when I go to bed. I am really enjoying your posts, Estrella. See you soon. Dani

    • Oh, how I’d love to live only with my fiancé… and have the whole house clean! *sigh*
      I understand what you mean with the dishes, it’s just so much better to know you don’t have so much to do in the morning.

      So glad you’re enjoying my posts, it’s nice to see how something that’s on my mind is enjoyable to others as well :)
      Happy to have you here, Dani!
      See you soon, Hugs!

  4. It depends on the space. My writing desk is often messy, especially when I’m in the middle of reading or writing something, I’m happy to leave it that way overnight. But I prefer the lounge and the kitchen to be clean. I find it difficult to relax if there’s mess.

    At the moment, my bedroom is also messy because I’ve been making Amigurumi. So there are off-cuts of wool all over the place.

  5. I’m not the best when it come to cleaning house, but when things are in order and clean both my mind and body are happier. I read somewhere that cleaning frees up energy for new things. If not literally, maybe symbolically. If so, I need to do some cleaning!

  6. i like cleaning… but only once in a few days… :) i like to make a mess, and then take one day to just make the room shiny :D

  7. Okay… you know me, I like to have a clean house but I usually throw everything in the corner that’s showing and keep everything that’s hidden in order…

  8. hi, i also clean when i’m upset, it helps. so yes, i do clean to be happy.

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