Quick Hello (and Good Night)

Given that I only have ten more minutes of Wednesday left to post this and that I’m virtually sleep-typing, I’ll keep it short.

Taking a deep breath.

I’m currently working on expanding my plaster crafting business which requires me to actually make the products I’ll be selling, take photos, baptize them with codes, write posts with details about them under the photos on my upcoming plaster craftings blog (word misspelled by choice, quirky name choosing going on at this end), buy supplies and run errands, etc.

Well, due to minor interruptions here’s the ten minutes up.

I hope you’re all having a great day and week, I’ll see you on Friday!


8 Comments to “Quick Hello (and Good Night)”

  1. Oh wow, that’s awesome. So you are starting your own business? Good for you!

    • Thanks, honey!
      I started doing this before Christmas and now I’m making new products cause I only have photos of the Christmas plaster crafts so that wouldn’t work.
      I’m starting to think I’m in over my head in plaster and paint :P can’t wait to have them done and on the plaster craftings blog.

  2. Break a leg with the business, I just looked at the photos and they’re beautiful!

  3. Oh, but get some sleep too…

  4. And eat! …
    Okay, I’ll stop it :P

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