Nothing but a tree in January – by Estrella Azul

Consumed after a hard work day she lay down on the sofa and gazed at her Christmas tree.

Each year she went with a theme. This year’s theme was there can never be enough ornaments on a Christmas tree. She loved the extravagance of it. The sparkle, the joy. She had nothing else extravagant in her life. Some years she would keep her tree up well into February.

But this year the pleasure in this small extravagance faded quickly whenever she realized that she had no one to share the lovely tree with her.

If only she hadn’t overreacted to the sight of crumbs on her clean carpet that night. Her loving companion could be sitting on the sofa sharing her January Christmas tree with her.

Instead he had to make do with whatever his dead eyes could see through the cracks in the floor boards a few feet beneath the sparkling tree’s laden branches.

Thanks to Karen Schindler for editing this piece, for believing in me and all her support without which I wouldn’t have had the courage to start writing.


37 Comments to “Nothing but a tree in January – by Estrella Azul”

  1. I totally think crumbs on the carpet deserves this type of reaction! Very nice and tight little story!

  2. Nice work. Sounds like Christmas with my family tho!

  3. Nice work. The main character makes a really compelling character. I mean, she’s quirky right off the bat, with the whole tree-up-into-February bit, well before we find out what she’s really like!

  4. Well at least she has all those ornaments to keep her company!

  5. Oops, I better straighten up around here before I comment.

  6. @ All

    Thank you so much everyone for sharing your opinion and especially for taking the time to comment on my flash!
    I’ll make up for not being able to comment on your stories sooner by getting to it right now ;)

    Thank you again!

  7. Holy cow!! Way to lull me into what was seeming like a simple, melancholy story and then punch me in the gut. In a good way, I mean :P

    I think the pacing and length were absolutely perfect.

  8. Now that was… unexpected. But it’s nice :)

  9. Great ending!

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