Why write? … Why not?

Creative writing is something recent to me.

I have not always been an avid reader.
I recall literature classes with as much pain, as if I was still there, but something changed after high school.
I was free to read whatever.
I didn’t have an (occasionally) unexciting list mandatory to finish and most importantly I didn’t need to analyze what I read like my former teacher expected me to in order to get a high mark.

I started seeing the world through different eyes. As predictable as that may sound, I started to notice more of what was proceeding around me and instantaneously thought of scenarios that would’ve been much more entertaining than the real events sometimes scribbling them into my notebook. And then…
Story’s ideas would come occasionally fully formed by the time I woke up, contrasting times they take a bit to unravel.

I now write flash fiction.

I want to perfect myself, so I started out low (length vise), and aspire to work my way up while learning all I can about creative writing, expanding my vocabulary as I read more, taking every chance I get to improve.

Sadly, I found that most of the people around me aren’t very supportive of my writing. Contrary to my online friends, they think it’s a waste of time so the most common questions I get asked are:
Why do you write? Why choose English?

It may not be polite to answer a question with a question, but why not write?
Now to be polite, the second question’s answer includes the answer to the first question too which is:

I write in English even though it’s not my mother tongue because I enjoy it.
Because in spite of how tough it sometimes is to express myself as beautifully as I could in Hungarian, even though my words don’t always flow as lightly as I would want them to, I love writing.
Writing changed me in a way I never thought likely from something this strenuous yet not as complicated as I first expected.
I evolved, developed into a more positive, more confident person, a better critique, much more appreciative and passionate about writing and even life in general.

One of the best gifts in my life is the ability to write anything I set my mind to.

I know there will always be someone more talented than I am, someone who writes better, and I most likely won’t get a novel published. However, this is what brings me joy, even if I never end up on a best seller’s list.

As long as I’ll be passionate about it: I will certainly not stop writing!


8 Comments to “Why write? … Why not?”

  1. i’m so proud of and really happy for you! i wish you luck break a leg in the future and i will support you in any way possible.
    of course when you write i have to keep quiet, and try not to disturb you :P but that’s a little price to pay for seeing you happy in your writing zone :)

  2. I found your blog post while searching Google. You’re right, although for me flash is harder than starting novel for example.

    • Well I meant starting low length vise not about the complexity of writing a full story in under 1000 words :)
      I personally think it’s better to write great flash fiction first and then try your luck with a novel instead of starting a novel and never finishing it or writing a something that won’t be good.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post, keep up the good novel writing! :)

  3. Estrella, I’m just amazed by you. So much courage. I’m glad you have a supportive online community. It’s so hard to find one in the “outside” world. As for writing in English–I respect the challenge you’ve set for yourself. I also think that writing in another language strengthens ones understanding and command of language in general. I wish I knew another language well enough to write in it. (Reading is much, much easier!) Cheers to your dreams, your bliss!

    • Thank you Melissa, you’re so kind! And one of the people I’m very fond of from my supportive online community!
      English is my favorite language and after I started blogging in English, I couldn’t imagine creative writing in another language.

      You’re right, finding real support in the “outside” world is hard…
      Many people tell me “Write in Romanian, you live in Romania” or “If you wrote in Romanian or Hungarian I’d read your blog and leave comments” … but that’s not why I have a blog and definitely not why I started writing!
      So if they think I should change this just because they don’t feel like reading in English (and they could throw in here: anything about myself not only the language I write in) than that’s too bad for them, I feel perfectly happy like this :)

      Although I think this is how most writers feel.
      Thank you so much for your support Melissa! Can’t wait for next Friday :)

      PS: it’s never too late to learn another language :)

  4. That was spot on! I could not have done that better at all haha. Hate to admit it though :P

  5. I love that you write in English!!!
    Whoever says otherwise they’re morons :P and I’m not just saying that cause you’re my daughter!
    It’s a nice challenge you’ve set for yourself, just like the 500 words a day and I know you can do it, you’re a natural!

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