Thank you!

After more than two weeks of worrying, stress and running around I’m finally back.

It’s been tough, hectic and especially nerve wrecking but now everyone’s back to their previous state of health which gave me a chance to finally relax, regroup a bit this weekend and spend an amazing Valentine’s day with my fiancé.

During the past weeks I’ve really felt loved and cherished by my family and friends, and I’d like to take this chance to publicly thank them (you know who you are!):

Thank you for being there for me and to those in lack of closeness, for your well wishes, moral support, praying, for thinking of me and for sending e-mails which helped me not to fall apart, filling me with positive energy during the worrisome time.

I am so lucky and grateful for having such amazing friends!

Thank you for everything!


12 Comments to “Thank you!”

  1. welcome back :) and i/we are happy that we could help with e-mails and being there

  2. Thanks for giving us the good news!

    So glad to hear that everything has turned out well for your grandmother after such a time of fear and stress. :)

  3. You know you’re cherished honey. I’m so glad that things worked out and all is well and now you can get back to normal. [you know… just a simple HECTIC pace instead of a frantic one]



  4. Hi Estrella, I’m glad everything is getting back in order, and that your grandmother is doing better. I was especially touched to hear that you had a nice Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. He sounds wonderfully loving and supportive.

    I’m glad also that some love from across the miles helped you maintain a little bit of sanity. It’s crazy, but I agree. This connection that we’re forging with the flash writers is so tenuous, but it’s also very special. It’s come to mean a lot to me, too. But I STILL would prefer to hand deliver some homemade lasagna or brownies. This will have to do in the meantime though.

  5. Wonderful news, Estrella! So glad everyone is okay now and that you had a good Valentine’s Day! Take care of yourself, sweetheart, and I hope to see you soon. *hugs* Dani

  6. So glad to hear. Whew. Hoping you can relax even more now. Glad you had a great Valentine’s day. Love is truly healing and restorative! xo

  7. It was hard, but now it’s back to normal.
    I’m so happy you have such wonderful friends!

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