Special… – by Estrella Azul

Freesia He buys a Freesia

and complements your hair.

Never noticing

fright in your eyes,

he persists

leaving flowers behind.

Threatening as it is

you feel unique.

Having your own

special stalker

isn’t so bad…

Though few girls

survived him before.



26 Comments to “Special… – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Mixed feelings about a stalker in a poem = pretty cool.

  2. @ All

    Thanks for reading my poem everyone, and you’re so kind to leave me comments and let me know you liked it too!

    Have a nice weekend, hugs!

  3. Estrella, beautiful haunting poem. Twisted emotions throughout – great!

  4. Interesting last lines, wish I knew if she will be the first one to survive him or… :)

  5. Chilling in many ways–the stalker and the main character’s desperate need for recognition and attention. Very powerful in few words.

  6. Terrific poem. Chilling and haunting have already been used. True. And beautifully done, too.

  7. @ All

    Huge thank you to all who read my poem this week and commented, you make it all so much more fun!

  8. Beautiful and frighteneing all at once with just enough said. Excellent.

  9. Flattering and scary! Beautifully done!

  10. Wow! Amazing, Estrella!

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