Homemade Aftershave Balm

Ever since I started posting recipes for homemade beauty products I focused on women’s products.

Until now.

The following recipe of an aftershave balm is for both women and men.
It is a soothing blend which balances the skin after shaving.

Aftershave balm – for men

Jojoba oil – 30 ml
Cathine (Cathinone) extract (available in herbal pharmacies)
essential oils of Vetiver, Bergamot and Palmarosa (1-2 drops of each).

Mix everything and leave aside for several days before use.
Apply 2-3 drops after shaking it a bit after shaving. It‘s a little oily, very good for your skin care.


Aftershave balm – for women

Jojoba oil – 30 ml
Cathine (Cathinone) extract
essential oils of Rosewood, Lavender and/or Geranium (1-2 drops of each)

Mix everything and leave aside for several days before use.
Shake it and apply on your legs, under arm pits, etc. after shaving a few drops at a time.

11 Responses to “Homemade Aftershave Balm”

  1. this is great! i love it! :D thanks!

  2. I tried this last night after reading your blog post and I have to say: it’s great!!!!!!!!!!! My legs were so smooth and silky, and the uncomfortable feeling I always get after shaving ceased in no time, usually it lasts a few days.
    I highly will recommend this to all my friends and I’ll make it for my boyfriend too, I’m sure it will work wonders for him too if it was this good for me :)

  3. This is so good, I’ll have to prepare some for my hubby asap :)

  4. I thought I was the only one searching for aftershave recipes, but I’m so glad to find a whole article here! I’ll go shopping now :)

  5. Tried this after waxing, it’s great :)

  6. Great points! I will be checking back here often!

  7. I read about it some days ago in another blog but this recipe is easier. thanks for thinking of men too :)

  8. Perfect gift idea, thanks so much!


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