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2010, February 25

Life’s a stage – WebBlog maintenance

I’ve been tweaking my blog each time I had a chance in the last weeks and now I’m pretty much finished with the blog maintenance. It’s just a bit simplified though, nothing crucial.

I moved a few widgets around changing their location, added an Email Subscription widget to the sidebar on the right so anyone can subscribe to receive updates of new posts on Life’s a stage – WebBlog.

Also, I decided to add various link collections instead of leaving the mile long lists I had there before which took up way too much space and hurt my eyes :P

In the sidebar on the left I changed the name of the category where I post my writing to The Creative Writing Corner of Estrella Azul just to make it more general as I post all my fiction, poems, etc. there.

Added a new link to my #fridayflash widget so anyone can find there my Twitter list of flash fiction writers I follow (I’d also like to take this chance and ask you guys to check my list and in case I missed anyone, please let me know! Thanks!).

From my past… monthly archive is now a drop down since that list was getting a bit long as well.

And I cut my Tweet-ness! shorter to just 3 tweets because anyone interested can just click and read further.

I also added  a new description of myself, a short bio to the Estrella… that’s me :) page and since I was on a roll, also added new quotes to the Quotes page, and a few to the Harry Potter and Sex and the city quotes subpages.
And while I was there, I changed all the pages’ fonts to one that’s more legible.

Thanks for putting up with my changes of widgets around the blog, hope it wasn’t hard to find things. If you have any suggestions I might have overlooked, feel free to let me know.

Have a lovely rest of your week everyone, I’ll be posting new flash fiction on Saturday so be sure to check back :)

PS: mainly typed this so I’ll stop tweaking my blog :P

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