Homemade Relaxing Bath Salts

You feel more relaxed just by reading the title, right? What could be more pleasant after a hard day than a warm and flavored bath?

I have to confess, I couldn’t be called a champion in the relaxation category, but rather the kind of person who always has to do something.
Usually I plan to take a relaxing bath and instead end up cleaning the whole bathroom and by the time I’m done with that… I’m too tired and have no patience to draw a bath.

However, in those rare few minutes when I do choose "nothing", I like to add a little charm to my bath – a natural charm that is.

Sure most people prefer to buy a ready-made product even for a natural bath, but the following recipe (or recipes cause you’ll have a good choice of ingredient mixes) is easy enough to prepare for yourself.

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Relaxing Bath Salts

3 cups of sea salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil in which to dissolve essential oils – you can choose from apricot kernel oil, jojoba or olive oil
3 essential oils – 5 drops of each essential oil

(You can combine for example any of the following: lavender, ylang ylang,  vetiver, bergamot, lemongrass, orange, tea tree, basil, rosemary, lime, chamomile, sage, fennel, mace, etc. or anything else that comes to mind, scents you love and which will relax you).

Mix vegetable oil with salt in a bowl as you well. The amount of oil is small, but the mixture will come out okay, so no need to pour more oil.
Finally, add drops of essential oils and stir. Keep everything only in a glass jar with a lid that closes well, even compounds (for preserving flavor, given that essential oils are volatile).
Pour about 2 tablespoons full of the relaxing bath salt into the water and stir well before entering the tub, ensuring the dissolution of sea salt.
Another thing: If you have fresh marigold, lavender flowers or mint leaves, you can crush them and add them to the bath salt mix. Ginger powder is a relaxing option too.
If you are concerned that they’ll clog the drain, you can place these petals/leaves separately in a fabric pouch right under the running water while filling the tub.

For a flavored milk and honey bath you can do something very simple like drip a few drops of your favorite essential oils in a honey and milk mix, which you can add to the bath while the water is flowing in the tub.

For an anti-cellulite effect, choose between these essential oils: orange, lemon, grapefruit, oregano, cumin, basil, thyme, juniper, pine, sandalwood, rosemary.

Make small quantities, what you end up with from the recipe is enough for quite a while.

Also found some bath salts and soaks recipes on this website.

Have a relaxing night! ;)


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  1. i also added a bit of sage essential oil, the best bath ever!

  2. Hello there :)
    I would certainly just like to try this as soon as I get the ingredients, sounds great!

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