Ten things about Estrella Azul

I’m flattered to receive the Honest Scrap award from my fellow writer friend, Melissa. This comes with strings attached though, it requires for me to share ten true things about myself and then forward the award to friends.

Thank you so much, Melissa! You’re a sweetie! :)

honest scrap

Now… Aside from the things you already know about me, hope I have ten things embarrassing interesting enough to share:

  1. I secretly (or well, not so secretly!) wish Estrella Azul was my real name and not only my pen name.
  2. I am known to give my cup of milk to someone else if it forms a skin when heated and if I can’t get it ALL off (this also applies to any kind of food that forms a skin).
  3. I never drink milk unless it has a LOT of cocoa in it.
  4. The only time I drank simple milk purposefully was when I accidentally had a huge bite of a pepper which turned out to be painfully hot.
  5. I don’t really enjoy talking on the phone (if we’re in the same city), especially with my mom. (Sorry mom, you know me… it’s boring to talk on the phone.)
  6. Hate the day of the month when my prepay card has to be recharged. Because
  7. I receive 5 to 7 messages from my mobile service provider…
    – The first informing me that my prepay card has been recharged.
    – The second announcing my new credit sum.
    – The third saying I received a bonus.
    – The fourth letting me know how much the bonus was.
    – The fifth summing up my credit sum and bonus.
    – The sixth telling me how many hours, minutes, seconds I can talk.
    – And finally the seventh making sure I know exactly how many text messages I can send.
  8. I love building my family tree, especially enjoyed scanning all the old photos to have faces with the names.
  9. Hate having to wear a hat! Especially in this warm spring weather… but unfortunately it’s windy…
  10. People sound/look scared when I apologize for not hearing the phone/shop bell when I greet them with: “I’m sorry, I was in the fridge. So, what kind of flowers would you like?”

  (11.)  I had the talent of finding the single patch of concrete in the grass to hit my head against when I once fell in camp. (Admitted this a few posts ago too, when acknowledging my other awards but it was in context with four lies and I forgot to reveal my truth in time, so here’s getting it cleared up now in case you missed it.)

This requirement to write ten things about myself couldn’t have come at a better time, I was thinking of making a small list with some of what you have read here, but couldn’t decide how to pull them all together. Wondering over :)

And now, it’s my pleasure to forward this award to a few of my (many) favorite writer friends:

Karen Schindler

Judy Clement Wall 

Deanna Schrayer

Laurita Miller

Dani H

Olivia Tejeda

Again, hard to find people who haven’t yet received this award, but don’t let the list stop you -> anyone else wanting to share, feel free to consider that the award was sent to you too ;)

PS: updated the list as I saw a few friends who didn’t get this award yet :)


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  1. You’re so cute, loved the things you chose to share :)

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